How sick is this!!!

Took few days off from playing after the Teeside £100 & £200 and tbh had no interest at all in playing the main event after those 2 games. Will only play the main event next year.
Been busy looking for a new car for the wife after selling hers to the daughters boyfriend and decided I had to get this sorted over the weekend. Lined a few up to view but only thing was ganna have to put a few miles in to see them. Eventually after putting in a few hundred miles we decide the 1st one we saw when we started viewing was best by a mile and after quick haggle and £750 reduction the deal is done and she collects it next Monday. Funny how women love shopping yet end up buying the 1st one they saw, just like when shes in Metro Centre to be honest shopping for shoes!!

Saturday night I love - why? Cos its an Indian Take away and a few beers at my favourite Indian Restaurant followed by being strectched out recovering on the settee watching my favourite program THE X FACTOR!!!!!
You all may take the piss but I just love this program stretched oot on the settee watching the too and frow of this reality TV show.

I just love the whole show and sit there with me lap top connected up to Betfair Exchange and gamble gamble away. Have great record on these sort of things but Saturday was a loser night as Daniel defied the odds and out voted Scott with his sympathy song bringing tears to Louie Walshs eyes!!!!
2 horse race this in my opinion or should I say filly in Alexandra & Laura will walk it. Dianna is building up huge support but she just aint got the full package baby!! Ya heard it hear 1st.

This week consists of a few small forum games online and Ill play tonight in the £30 game down at Circus Casino as this game is building a nice little reputation and is by far the best attended game in town. Weekend and a few of us from the NPF are M6 bound to Birmingham and playing in the Stanley genting £500 $£100k guaranteed.

Finally, Saturday night I also followed live updates online of the Main Event at Teeside. One of our members was involved in this hand which has got to be one fkn sick way to go out of a £500 Tournament.

Guy who won the £100 side event raises it up and NPF member Richard Baker calls the raise with 66. Flop comes 6J6 and quadzilla baby for Richard to check and guy pushes all his stack in. Weeee Happy Xmas for Richard and guy flips QQ.


RIVER Q !!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG how fkn sick is that. Id be out being physically sick in the bogs if it was me and not play for at least a month.


Edit Update:

Circus £30 game and despite losing 4 races when ahead Im only a double up from having comfy stack when 15 left and woman who had mastered the art of sucking out on people bets 40k utg with blinds on 1500/3000. I make the call with JJ and she flips JQ!!!!!-- Yip you guessed it the Q turns and nite nite Josephine


gyposdog said...

x factor hee hee, i think you should have given them the car for nowt,total sick hand would of broke me

mag1892 said...

if i dont see ya before , good luck in biringham guys.