Alright all its been a while but apart from 1 win and a couple of final table appearances it has been like a desert on the poker front for me altho i probably would have got more drinks if i had been in the desert.
I just got back from playing at Circus 10,10,10 and after losing my first lot of chips with KK after pushing on the turn to get called by somebody holding AdQc and 3 diamonds on the board i new the diamond was going to hit the river so i shouted chips before the card was dealt and hey ho i am now a prophet altho it never seems to work with the lottery!
I flopped a house with 9d10d and trebled up which seemed to give me a head of steam as i stole a few and gradually got my chips to well above average and then a strange thing happened when a new player came to our table but at the same time one of the cardroom supervisors also came over and asked for the big blind which was me so insanely i go to a new table scratching my head wondering wtf that was all about,obviously a massive blooper from the man in charge but everything happens for a reason :)
First hand at my new table i look down at KK and decide to limp from a medium position hoping for a raise and yep a player who i rate very highly pops it up and i immediately shove as i dont think i can win a race with a one legged slothe at the minute,well matey boy decides to call with his JJ and misses so i am absolutely flying and wondering just wondering if it is possible i could get back into the winners enclosure.I have to tell you about this hand which occured when i was moved back to my original table when a guy raised from under the gun and then the button who i have never seen before goes all in with q,10 off and is insta called by AA the flop comes down QQ and we are down to 12 talk about beginners luck :)
Now this same guy started a push fest and every time he got called he sucked out badly and i kind of know me and him are going to be meeting head on remember i am a prophet so anyways this guy pushes from UTG and its folded round to me in the BB and yep i look down and find 2 black Aces normally i am feeling really good but this guy must have 666 on the back of his head as he never showed any emotion during all the hands he played and when he flips over Ad4c am thinking please,please high cards no sick 2,3,5 first card Qd yes! then 9d lol gulp black now please,Kd arh nooooo feck,feck,feck and then BOOM! 3d and all the hard work and false hope is over for another night i went out next hand dont know what i had or what happened who gives a feck :(

Well i am 39 at the end of this month and my hair is receding and one of my so called friends said i will soon look like Benson so after some thought who gives a monkey about a sick beat as it happens i quit liked watching Soap and the theme tune was quite catchy but for anyone reading this i have enough poker nicknames thank you,See you all at Teeside.

Oh i almost forgot a big up to Gary Brewer for winning the inaugral Newcastle Poker Championships and also for the Don King style foresight from Teamdobb Dave Collins for signing him up before the big win.


TEAMDOBB said...

lol- been called don key before but not don king!!!

Vegas Dave said...

lol not having much luck mate, keep it going and i'm sure it will change for yer. ps yer wanna start worrying when yer head looks like mine!