Busy week n build up

Great North Run weekend over and company fed & watered although the high hopes of a top 5 finish for Jack in the Senior Youth Event ( won by Steve Crams son )didnt materialise as breathing problems hamppered him and he eventually came in 20th.

Paul & his mate Steve who had flew all the way over from Alicante in Spain where he lives to run, came home in a very respectible 1 hour 43 mins and his brother in law Garry Bateson an incredible 1 hour 30 mins and within the 1st 1000 to finish.

As previously posted our own Mr Entertainment eventually got home and brought alot of smiles and money for his valiant effort.

Poker week will be dominated by preparations for this weekends Forum Championship and look forward to Oranges coming up to stay to participate in it however sneaked in a few games with decent success.

Took down couple of decent online games getting past post in 1st position and even the Awop Forum League game for nice win.

Tuesday saw the £500 added £50 Freeze Out at Circus which has now established itself to be the most popular and best supported game in the North East and 113 runners started at shuffle up n deal.
Cracking turnout and some real tough cookies amongst them so long night in store if ya going to make some money.
Good starting table even though lighting hampered by some missing spots and decent start n steady build. Find AA in nice position to decent raise and my re raise is met by push with QQ and holds. Not long after that another decent raise and I have plenty chips to see the flop when holding 77 and the BB makes its up 3 way. Happy days when 7 hits flop but 2 hearts and initial raiser fires in and I re pop for 3rd caller to push and I make call. He flips A3 hearts for nut flush draw but my set makes the house and happy days.
Table break up slows my run of cards until the next table break up and pick up a few more decent pots although along the way witness some very unusual play by some.

Go into final table 3rd lowest stack and push 1st hand with Ace 10 for insta call by small stack on A7 and nice start. Couple more nice pick ups and down to 9 then 8.
Big change happens when 1/2 decent stack decides to push utg and Ive got 99 in button. Few things had been spoken about with this player prior and certain things he said when I was talking to him had me putting him on something below my 99 tbh and I announced out loud " fk it gotta win these to take it down " and made the call. Lad obviously seemed shocked to see me flip 99 as he thought I had decent Ace and didnt like to turn his 88. My pair held and now got nice stack. We eventually lose another and down to 6. Past 4.30 in morning now and closing in on chip count finish and to be fair not that much between all 6 left when a deal was mentioned and agreed with equal split. Blinds on 5/10k with 1k running ante and a £750 pay out for each player. Only 15k seperated all the players left and I was 2k short of top stack so also picked up a nice 18 points in the Casino Tuesday League which now puts me in a qualifying position.

Lets hope this weekend is just as successful although my main aim is that everything runs smoothly and everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves.