Sick Sick Sick !!!!

I hate online poker ATM .
Just played the Circus 2ND chance 100k birmingham , gets to final table 3rd in chips , sitting pretty gets a couple of hands no callers , gets to 2nd in chips with 5 left , and I get KK so I raise to 12k other guy re-raises me Allin , got to call , still in if i lose , well guess what he has AA (argh) , they hold up , so now im left with 7.5 k on bb , sb calls ive got 75 flop is k54 , I go Allin he calls (which I expected ) he has 43 , yes he hits another 4 , Ive got to laugh otherwise my fist would be through the screen, anyways well played to big Phil (pjb aces) he has got a seat , and I got $190 .

Also played in the NPF forum game tonight , went out 20th in that .

never mind hopfully Ill get another token .

thanks to all the railers was awesome support.


TEAMDOBB said...

watched it Col and so sick mate

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

5 handed KK v AA vul and with you being ahead on chips where was the 2 second delay and K on river when you want it?
the fat lady is not singing yet Mag so have another go

Phlmc said...

Ridiculous bad luck it even made a t-totaller like me turn to drink.

You played class Col; imo from the part i saw you played expert satellite poker and you should get yourself back involved in this format as u will win seats and are capable of making a mark in this format; which i believe suits your game.

Ok that was positive so erm your a twat