bright eyes??? my arse!!!!!!!

well a week on from the forum championships and what can i say. its taken me 7 days to edit, process, download and post all the highlights, along with special request from dc, on to the forum for people to watch and guess what??????? im disappointed to be honest. 1 person has left a comment from the whole of the forum membership and that kinda hurts a little. i dont do it for self acclamation or for the pats on the back etc but it takes a hell of a lot of work and detrement to my own game to film these events and then even longer, and more work to process them all for the forum and its only done so the members can re live and enjoy bits of the events they did not see and for no one to comment, even if they say its shite, is kinda a kick in the teeth and makes me wonder is it worth doing. i ask for feedback to gauge whether its worth it and whether its to the members taste and from these it seems not. perhaps the influence of cunts and idiots has rubbed of on people on the forum and they are now not taking such an interest?? who knows.

Teeside £100 and £200 this week and gonna make a concerted effort to cash in these tournies as these are more my style. people who see me play locally probably have the wrong opinion of my game as circus and grosvenor games are played by me for entertainment and craic and i never ever play my A game as the prize pools are not big enough to warrent me using my poker brain so i treat them as a bit of fun and never serious, but in the bigger and better structured games i am a totally different player as proved in the APAT, last 2 grosvenor £200 games and the forum championships. dont know if this is a good or bad thing but just cant get motivated or be bothered in the smaller buy in games and can only get up for the bigger games. suppose there is a lesson there for me but i love the craic around the smaller games. Also tagging along is dc, mr e and chipmunk so lets hope for a teamdobbs success story this week

reet off back to the daily grind





get yah dummy back in lol

and as for your a game cant wait to see that lol

seriously though good luck mate what time you gettin there and where the fuck is it

TEAMDOBB said...

pmt strikes again ya big pussy

bet I last longer and win more than yee ya big fairy

Dobbers and NPF on tour lets take one down

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Calm down Steven its just an advert,well the NPF highlights actually but wtf.

Good luck down smoggie land and if any of you are lucky enough to be on the final table with me al cut you a good deal :)

Phlmc said...

I think someone needs a hug!!!!

The great artistes are never recognised till they die man