Karen33000 Resignation

Hi there all well just quick one as title says. Had such a bad day again and its just happening every day now. Can't be bothered with this game any more and financially I certainly can't afford to. Decided to pack in and have now closed my betfair account.
I don't want to play anymore.

Been nice knowing all of you.

Take care


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

"been nice knowing all of you"??
Cmon man get things in perspective your not deaf,dumb,blind or disabled your just having a bad run of cards,take a break,play within your bankroll when you return Rome wasnt built in a day.
Buy some S***k and smoke the lot,just chill,you'll be back

gyposdog said...

got to agree with chipmunk here fkn chill out its always all or nothing, take a step back must be doing something wrong to be consistantly losing and tbh i wouldnt play anything i couldnt beat chin up mate, u back up here? gis a ring and ill take you oot

xenocode said...

chin up m8 , take a break , your proberbly not playing your "A" game coz of the beats .A rest will rejuvanate ya and you will come back winning.

TEAMDOBB said...

have a break and stop trying to win big everytime.

main thing I would say is move site. Ya playing same people all the time, try somewhere else

Nut_Stack said...

Hey James, everyone goes on bad runs. Some worse than others, but thats where BR manegment comes into play. If ur feelin run down, take some time off away from the felt and relax. Like Jimmy said buy a load of weed and smoke it all...I've played u alot at the grov b4 u moved to London and when you were back up, and have no doubt you'll make it through this period with a possitive return. What ever u decide bud hope it works out for yah.