Sngs! FML!

Hello All, Cowhead here.
Just thought Id write a little update about the sng staking from the fellow Dobba lads.
I started for the lads on the 22nd of January and agreed to play a minimum of 50 sngs a week in the 18 mans on Stars starting at the $3.50's.
I went across to Bannisters that morning to spend some time with Stumpy and really got to grips with the basics of sngs again. A lot of the stuff Peter was saying I knew about as I used to play a tonne back in the day on UB but what I was missing from when I've been playing over the last couple of years (yes years lol) is self control, discipline and simply playing these very simply and strategically. tight early and loosen up late and really get back to grips with how to play bubbles effectively.
Anyway, this Sunday will be 9 weeks in and I'm doing ok.
I'm on track with the number of games I have to play (JUST). I really would have liked to have played about double what I have but there's been some things I've had to deal with away from poker which have been my main concern over the last month or so but deffo looking to ramp it up a bit in the coming weeks. I have to admit I also haven't had the urge to play because these are so monotonous that they do my head in but I'll live with that for what I want out of this.
I've been looking at the games I've played (453)so far and the boys have been pretty cool in letting me tinker in the 9's and 27's as sometimes I haven't enough time to play the 18's and sometimes when I've had sessions I like to mix in the 27's because they pay more.
The second picture above shows a breakdown of the games and I'm actually just turning a profit in the 18's but 27 stats are way better. There's also a few 6 and 9 mans and also played 5 x 90 mans which I've accidentally regged for while loading up my tables and showing profit in those too.
The top picture is my number of games overall and the two other samples are my last 2 sessions. I've stuck those stats in there just simply to show that even at these stakes and small fields these can be ridiculously swingy short term.
Anyway, that's all for now. I hope to keep this updated regularly to inspire and motivate myself to play more in the coming weeks/months.

I feel so old

Alreet Stumpy here,

I went to my mates stag do up in Edinburgh it was a great laff but I feel so old as we went up on the 9.50 and planned to come back at 9pm the last train, well 3 of us got the 5pm back to Newcastle I was totally knackered and couldnt drink another drop, I slept all the way back and then played the genting £50 f/o drinking tea, I was cl with 5 left until I run kdjd into ak then kq into aj to finish 5th for £350.

Ive been busy with the training days trying to get all the players to a decent standard theres only a couple who are down at the moment hopefully we can get these back in profit and our aim is to finish the 6 months with all players in profit.The hardest for people to understand is the way the sngos work. All I get from the players is "im running so bad" even when there winning lol.

The reason for this is they are getting the chips in ahead most of the time but in some cases not massively ahead so u feel you are running bad but as long as you hold enough of the time you will win in the long run if you can except this and the beats the easier it becomes.

Hardley been able to play many online mtts this month but had 2 more fts but just small cashes to go with my $2.5k scoop on willy hill earlier in the month. Still cant win a penny on stars.

I started playing some hyper turbo sngs on ongame I got a good r/b deal nd a bonus to work off so going to give it a go for 2 months to see if the efforts worth it. Got off to a canny start and im winning which is a bonus as I think u can make a decent amount just by breaking even.

Went to a football retirement doo on Saturday for Peter Reynolds who was chairman of the footy team I played for then managed, it was great to see all the old players after the game there was a race night and the horses had the real names on lol well after picking or remembering what won the races I was 4 from 5 and £40 up the last race you had to bid for a horse and if the horse wins you get a Peter Beardsly signed boot in a display case so I bid and get the winner lol id actually backed the winner when the race was actually run it was a great night and alot of money made for charity.

Feb results

live mtts = +£1810

live cash +£360

online mtts = +$2,200

online cash = - $200

horses = -$400

live staking = -£55

weight = 0

keep on smiling Stumpy.