Canny week from Chopper

Alrit Stumpy here!

The last few weeks have been very interesting in poker.

Online grind I was only $80 up which Ive put down to playing more MTT`S than usual, I have been getting decent stacks but I now go for big cash so Ive bombed out going for the win for small cashes.Ive also been following the lads in $500 -$1500 challenge which has distracted me. (it just shows you how a little thing like that can affect the grind) luckily got into a nice 5kEuro freeroll on interpoker with only 64 runners and finished 3rd winning $1065 wee i luv free money!

Live, I went to Aspers on Friday night, had a few coronas and finished 8th for £130 but also split a 20 man last longer bet for a further £70.

Tuesday night £30 FO I did a four way split for £345 ,plus Mrs Stumpy finished 5th £130, which hopefully sees her place in the league final at circus. I think I will need another final table to make final.

A great hand from Tuesday night was raise pre call flop KJ4 allin on flop JJ v K10 turn K river K Live pokers rigged.

A quick story from the last £50 game Carlo Citrone gets moved to the table and theres 4 limpers and he limps, I have a look round the table and he must see Im thinking of raising and he says "i dare you" I said "I Might" He said " I will give you £50 if you push allin", I insta push alin and they all fold. "Have i got to give you £50?"2Of course" so he passes me £50 note then he says "wow I didnt think you would take it," so I say "oh ok then", then offer it back to him thinking he will say no a bets a bet. Fuck me it was back in his pocket faster than Usain Bolt. I saw him later and say "If you get to final table Iwant it back", he says "ok", weee he final tabled. Next time i see him the question is "will he give it to me?"

Friday nite is Aspers corona nite, the idea of the nite is to enjoy the poker with a few bottles of my fav drink corona, last friday there was a big NPF turnout and it was a good laugh.

The highlight of the night was teamdobbs fast asleep on the table next to the final table, then waking up and shouted "go on Phill go on Stumpy" then he comes and sits next to me and Phil Mc whos return to live poker was a quick success, nice one Phil WP. The story of my nite was ran Ak into AA early on a flop of K43 which left me 1800 out of 4k stack, nursed it back to 6k then won a race AK v 1010 v young liam who I always run good against. Now things get a bit sketchy as the corona kicks in, I remember doubling up 44 vA5 then taking the same player out AQvA7. On the final table double up AAvQQ and then suggested chop with 5 left £460 each and 1 allin hand so the winner got £480 I scooped that also split a last longer bet which was quite funny, please read teamdobbs post for details.

Keep on Smiling



Feel the poker coming back last week or so after an awful spell when totally cudnt be arsed with the game. Alot going on at mo arranging the 2nd NPF Championship next weekend and if its anything last years Ill be well pleased.
Tuesday wasnt going to bother playing the normal Circus game but a last minute come on man by Stumpy and over I went. Wow so glad I went to be honest because had one of the best nights playing poker ever. Didnt win nowt but what a table I had which included Cardguard, Scotty, Bob the Gob, TxTrev, Joe Morris all from the forum and the amazing Faetzy who had me in hysterics all night. The night to me was all about the crack and having a really good laugh and although I had 3 sick beats which totally fooked me over it was a night where the laughs and crack completely were the real winners.
Played Friday at Aspers with 145 runners and bust out last hand before the break trying to triple up with A9 ship for KQ to come along for the ride and take me down. Played bit of cash and was going along very nice until original raiser called my re raise and on a flop of KQrag his AQ to my AK still called my 3 bet to his lead and turned the Q for a meaty pot so decided that was enough for me and went on the drink instead. A few hours later Im sitting in the vacant seat at the final table fast asleep waiting for my lift home Stumpy to chop it 4 ways with Phlmc.
Funny before they made final table in that Stumpy and 15 others had put £10 each in a sweep for last longer bet. 2 players were left and the other guy had denied a suggested chop by Stumpy. He then took down another big pot so obviously wasnt wanting to deal again. Final table was reached and suggested he offer a 90/70 to guy who was well chipped up. Im sure he didnt really understand what we meant before when asking him if he wanted to deal and when they made final 10 Stumpy goes up to him after looking at stacks and says " Ya wanna deal mate now on the last longer bet 90/70?"
His reply was "Aye mate no problem £80 quid each seems fine with me" lolololol
That Stumpy runs so good

Bit of good fortune on Wednesday. Simply dont play hardly anything now online apart from NPF games so was amazed to see I was in the Silver section of the AWOP VIP Club for a £500 seat to any UK Live game for winner. Only 8 players took their seats from 10 and one hour 45 minutes later I was the winner of a £500 seat. Not sure where Ill use it Im deffo going down to Blackpool for the GUKPT so will probs use it there.
On the Blackpool GUKPT subject theres a guy from there called Brian "Weebrick" Clark who actually won the main event last year and who is one of the nicest guys youll meet in the poker scene. Hes got a staking offer up on AWOP forum site which in my opinion is superb value at £50 per share. Have a look on there as I guarantee ya youll deffo get a great run for ya money with amazing value back on offer.

Hey Kids,

Time to blog again as you know I dont like it quiet :)

Played poker twice this week with varying fortunes. Started on monday (friday to tuesday off work) in the stanleys 10+10+10 game. Structure is 3K per buyin with a 1K bonus for being ontime. Discussing with my mates who I went with it was obvious that the value way to play it was to aim for 10K at the break min, if there was an opportunity, but no need to risk it when you could have 10K after break simply. Had 10,100 at the break, gambled a little at the end of rebuy period, didnt come off, so just got ready to play proper. After the break, had loads of small pairs, but never setted once, which meant I was bleeding chips to aggressive players. Maintained stack by shoving on weak limpers. EXIT hand- tightest guy in the world (nicknamed stanleys gloria by me and wills), guy with broken english (probably from sunderland) and SB (rank fish) all limp on my BB. Have 7K blinds are 400-800, A3off, consider pushin gbut Ive done it a lot and think Ill get snapped by A10, AJ etc.

Flop is AhKc3d (or similar)

Sure Im ahead as they wouldnt limp AK, AA, KK so I lead for 1700, called by matty in SB. I know he has A rag, as he'd drop a K against me. turn is 2 of clubs (which I love as he cant better 2 pair), I shove for 4500, he calls with A8 clubs, river is 9C, pretty harsh but the double up would have saw me comfortably back in and hope for that situation way more. Guy i share with religiously when we both pay whatever the situation, split heads up for just under 200 (pot was woeful) so in profit. Game was far too good for the buyin, too many chips, too slow a structure, and only finished 4:30am, with 39 runners- not a tourney Ill be in a hurry to play again- ever.

Played the aspers £20 quidda after dobbs told me to get myself down. starting chips 4K, blinds 45 mns x2, then 20mins.

Doubled up to around 8K, before break, really easy, and no real risks. Pottered around after break, making up to about 15K, then had a weird hand.

Trev brewis limps for 800, I have JJ so make it 3K, tight awful player in BB calls (only ever called to that point, soo poor) for 3K, of his 6K total. Flop is K99, I check he goes allin, cant really fold, he shows 10, 9......random.

Shipped with A10, got called by 77, and doubled up with river A, then squeezed table to move to close to 20K. Moved table, just played the normal, with very little in the way of hands. blinds 1-2K, chipleader gets moved to my table, he raises 8K over 2K blind on blind, I shove for 28K he folds, I show q2; dont want picked on with 2 tables left. 16 left, raised to 12K on 2-4K blinds, BB tanks and eventually puts 24K total in, I have to call, he has A8, me A7; hit a 7 and double up, yay me. He looked like I stole his sweets, not getting his A8 was basically a crap call to all intense purposes. Fell onto the final table with 49K.

Did nothing for 2 laps a couple out, and decided I was allin next time it was folded to me. cutoff 45, shipped insta call from BB, who showed down AJ, flop 678, weeeeeeeeee and doubled up.
A10 2 hands later, raised, same kid put the rest of his lot in (couldnt fold), showed JJ, river A!
(yes I am a donk, got lucky a few times throughout which is a neccessity in these tourneys, esp without cards as I was).

Chipleader or close too, Raised with JJ UTG, poor player ships in for less then my bet after bleeding away chips with negative play, shows Q10 (which was just random from the game), hits a flush, doubles up, which put me back in pack.

Few others go out, 5 left, blinds to 6000-12000, stumpy suggest a chop, everyone reluctantly agrees with a few negotiations- all get 460- stumps gets 480 after a run off, good day for the dobbs.

Couple of badbeats given and taken- my luck seemed that when I got unlucky, it wasnt for my life. Good tourney finishing at 3:30am despite 147 runners, will prob frequent this, as its alright for a laugh, and decent value.

Out for now, only poker this post, no griping


What a Shit Day :(

Hello all
just thought I would tell you all how shit a day I had yesterday,it started off with only 4 hours sleep the night before(not that bad really) then I went to the RVI hospital and was told by the specialist I had Multiple Sclerosis(knowhere near as bad as cancer) so I went home and had a power nap in readyiment(zero points in scrabble) for the £30 freezeout at circus.
The power nap turned into a full on snore fest and turned up not long before the break but long enough to add 1/3 to my stack.
Struggled for cards for a few levels after break but then the card rush came and I hit 100k for the final table which more or less stayed the same till this hand came with 6 left
blinds 3k/6k villain raises to 18k I look down at AsKs in sb and repop to 58k to let him know I had a premium I have a reputation as a rock so unless he has me fooked then he should fold..right?
Villain tanks and then goes all in for another 40k saying he was tired and flips Ad10s
10d2d3d flops followed by blank and Jd on river to give him nut flush and monster stack what a fooking donkey only been playing the game 30 years and has learnt nothing(ok that last bit was a bit bitter but hey ho I had a really shit day and no point in bottling things up)
I still had chips but went all in blind for the next 3 hands doubling up and all in for 18k with KhQh only for fellow dobba Stumpy to call me blind when he only had about 45k himself WTF! anyway he had 10 3 and hit the 3 to send me to the rail or home as the case may be.
I stopped off at tesco and bought a few dvd's and watched Lions for lambs starring Tom Cruise what a pile of doodoo a shit end to a shit day but wait I must have went on my pc otherwise I wouldnt be posting this would i so about 10 minutes ago I went on Facebook and noticed the friendship request i had sent Maria Demetriou had been rejected(ok I have never really met her apart from the time i was sitting next to her at the virgin festival at Aspers a couple of years ago and she put me out but you got to try...right?

Anyways fantastic news it is now a new day(thank fuck)

Laterz all

David Stephenson (not Jimmy)

Hi kids,

Few changes in the ridiculous life of a drunken gambler. Decided in April I was sick of pissing around, was ill over christmas, and realised I was living out of routine rather than enjoyment and ended up having a pretty tormented couple of months quitting my poker (feb-april) doing nothing but drinking myself into oblivion, no difference I hear you say- but without the poker, which has kind of been my excuse for everything but also what stops me getting totally mcnally'ied.

Decided in April, i wanted a job and routine, and as an incentive, banned myself from drinking totally until I got a job; feeling there was far too much scope for drinking sitting around, and have never been the type to just have a couple. Had an interview in June for a pharmaceutical company; Quantum Specials in Burnopfield, and got a proper job for the first time in my life at 24. My expectation was that Id do it for 3-6 months and realise why I played poker in the first place and get me back on track, but the routine and stability, aswell as learning something a bit different is something Im enjoying, and for the moment have no intention of quitting.

For the last 3-4 months, Ive been mainly working. Played poker a few times with limited enjoyment live. Luckboxed $2200 playing cash online on friday night, played awfully and was completely outta my depth at a level I used to own. Looks like tough going to find my place in poker these days, obvious the newness is gone as have alot of the mystique of the game, and have pretty much decided to pick and choose when I play to a certain circumstance, eg champs or when I know alot of ppl i know will be there.

Cant really complain about my luck atm, while playing on Friday night got one of those 20p's without a date on, in my change on my takeaway, he doesnt know how bad a beat he got tbh, if i had of answered the door I would have said keep the change.

Looking forward too the champs weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 31st of October. Was a great weekend last time and am delighted Ive chose now to get back involved in poker. The games are always brilliant and guarantee some of the biggest characters on the NE scene.

Im not in Teamdobbs anymore apparently, cruelly dropped for missing training I think. Dropping ya star is never good for a team imo ;). Seriously missed so much stuff and hope to make it up to a few ppl for my absence.

Until I can think of something else to say, I leave you with my favourite word


Much love dobbas


I think hes guilty!!!

Pretty dam sure this guys guilty of being a drunk driver

Ups & Downs!!!

Certainly been a strange last few weeks and if Im being honest with myself I should of took a week or two from playing but Ive been just playing through although basically going through the motions. Few of the last live games Ive been trying hard to focus but orbit after orbit of crap and seeing shocking plays getting stacked off time n time again has had me thinking why bother.
Circus £75 game on Saturday with £500 added and get tough table butI know most of them very well and have good idea of their games. Play very few hands early doors not through choice but get to break just above average. Early exit after break when over raising with AsKs for particular reason and get the BB single caller who has had all his chips in 3 times prior and all behind. Flop come 2h5h8d and its ck ck. ac turn and ckd to me I pot bet for BB to announce all in leaving me 2k behind if I lose. I make call and he flips AhQh. Im even dealing myself and rvr 6h for his flush. Next orbit still pissed off I ship my last in mid with Jd10d and BB flush player picks up QQ for early exit for me.
Tuesday its the Circus £50 plus £500 added and an amazing 145 runners turn out and after losing a couple of decent pots decide when BB squeezes to 5 limpers me included utg AsJs that hes at it or max has mid pair and prepared to race him due to nature & structure of game he flips AK. J 1st card out gives me hope as he groans out loud but K follows next cards and Im home in time to catch the end of the News at Ten.
Then tonight I decide for a change to play an online MTT. 5 mins to start I reg in on IPoker for the £10k guaranteed and this happens 1st hand of the game

I really dont understand what goes through their brains at time. Facts of hand on flop are 88.37% v 9.52% v 2.1%. Classic online poker and no wonder I gave up on it ages ago.

ON A BRIGHT NOTE weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Theres a few blogs I follow closely and noticed the other day Dominic Kay was offering some % in a shootout tournie in London and decided to have a little 10% dabble for £60. I have had some nice little returns on various players Ive staked into especially some local young lads myself and Cardguard rate highly and this was no different with Dom taking down 3rd place for a nice little earner of £4000 giving me £400 return for my £60. Cheers DOm pleasure doing business with ya!!!!

$500 to $1500 challenge on NPF is now a week old and the 4 lads are struggling tbh with the roller coaster ride they will deffo experience during the month of October.
Follow their progress which is proving fascinating at $500 to $1500

Oh Shit!!!!

Alrit Stumpy here!

Played the £75 Circus game on Saturday, not many hands to talk about.

Had AA on the button when I needed to double up, did standard raise and big blind says mmm button steal, I call, Flop Qxx, he checks I bet 2k leaving 3.5k behind and he says allin I call and he shows k9 for a really bad bluff.

When its down to 15 left Im a short stack with 13k when i get KK,KK and QQ in about the next 5 hands, got a caller on the 2 KK hands low flop and I ship allin and take them down and upto 30K and now sitting comfy 2 make the FT, At the FT someone mentions if we do a deal now it will be £530 each and was suprised when it was discussed seriously as one of the SS I said nothing so we played on for nearly 2 hrs and there was still 10 left, then the deal was mentioned again. The CL Andy Wilson got £750 and the rest £500 which was a gift to me as I only had 29k, the blinds were 2k-4k never thought Id be involved in a 10 way deal!!!!

As u might know Im a train driver and like my kebabs so when Im at work most places I go to Im drawn to the kebab shops.

Last year the day before my holidays I get a kebab from Carlisle with chilli sauce,(i love the chilli sauce but it sometimes goes through me as bit too fast) so I set off for Newcastle after enjoying my kebab,Iim halfway to Haltwhistle when the pains start OH NO I need the toilet but as a gambler I thought I bet I can make it to Haltwhistle. I see the station lights in the distance, Im really sweating and its going to be a close run thing just as I arrive at the station I think YES Ive made it. I jump up open the cab door just in time to see someone enter the toilet. Now I PANIC jump off the train Its too late I SHIT my pants!
Back on the train and into the toilet which is now empty. I drop my pants and my first thought was fuck me it looks like a Greggs cornish pasty so its straight into the toilet with my underpants and clean myself up as best I can, then I have the problem will I flush or not? as it just empties straight on to the track and the thought of seeing my underpants everytime I pass through Haltwhistle wasnt appealing so I dont flush and pray for forgiveness off the next passenger who goes in. My journey from Haltwhistle to Newcastle was horrible as the smell kept wafting up my nose and making me wretch.

When I got back I was supposed to do one more job so I rang my bosses and asked if they could get the spare man to do it. They said why? mmm I said personal hygiene problems. EH was the reply, Ah fuck it I shit mesell I said Long pause.................................................................................... then ok get yasell home, Thanks.

Two embarrassing stories but as they say on the NPF News which ones the worst


Keep on smiling



Hi Dobba watchers its been a while since my last blog so here is an update…..
Online sucks big time and its over now for me never again!!!!
Played the NPF William hill guaranteed $30 deep stack game and finished in the money $118 so was a happy soldier till I started playing 6 player $5 sit n goes and watched donk after donk as runner runner done me every time, however in the live games two back to back final tables has restored my faith in this game we love, 1st one was at Aspers £30 deep stack game on Thursday 40 odd runners and felt very comfortable with my table picking up a couple of nice pots early doors flopping sets with my limped pairs and made the final table with 35k however blinded down to 25k blinds 1k 2k we lose four players in successive hands and we are now three handed 3.15am and to be honest I was amazed at the passiveness of the table limp fold and the two players one an elderly lady and one Indian guy both with 200k between them seemed happy to fold as I took the initiative and played the aggressor building my stack up to 85k steeling the blinds and defending my own 3.40am they decide to chop although I agreed felt that another hour would see me take it down but work the next morning and Mrs E asleep on the settee in Aspers made the decision to chop £300 for £30 not bad nights work.
The 2nd final table was at the G Friday and good turnout with 60 runners although the 2k guarantee had been withdrawn sitting pretty 15 left with 65k when I pick up KQ on my bb I raised and get two callers flop comes q 4 2 rag board I bet 3k and 1st guy folds 2nd guy reraises I call turn is a four I bet out 5k he reraises again I call river is a rag and now no flush draw I check and he shoves for 21 k I sit and think he has a busted flush draw so tank then call and he flips over ace four off for the set, at this point I’m down to 14k and could have tilted quite easily but waited picked up A j shipped and doubled up work the stack back up to 50k and weee final table pick up AA utg and min raise bb calls flop comes 774 bb bets 6k I shove and he snap calls with 88 rivering his 8 to drop me two 14k I ship in with Q 10 suited run into KQ and its out in 5th for £96.00 enjoyed the games however work next morning is a killer,
Picture is the entrance to Disney Florida where we are off on Monday, this was supposed to be our Christmas holiday as we were going to do what the DOBBAS do and vacate these shores for Christmas however daughters pregnancy has put paid to that after we had booked it all up as she is due 1st week in January so it has had to be moved forward to Monday costing an absolute fortune to move.
Not going to whinge as need the break and 90 degrees in Orlando sounds better than 10 in England, so see you in a fortnight as the song goes....