Feel the poker coming back last week or so after an awful spell when totally cudnt be arsed with the game. Alot going on at mo arranging the 2nd NPF Championship next weekend and if its anything last years Ill be well pleased.
Tuesday wasnt going to bother playing the normal Circus game but a last minute come on man by Stumpy and over I went. Wow so glad I went to be honest because had one of the best nights playing poker ever. Didnt win nowt but what a table I had which included Cardguard, Scotty, Bob the Gob, TxTrev, Joe Morris all from the forum and the amazing Faetzy who had me in hysterics all night. The night to me was all about the crack and having a really good laugh and although I had 3 sick beats which totally fooked me over it was a night where the laughs and crack completely were the real winners.
Played Friday at Aspers with 145 runners and bust out last hand before the break trying to triple up with A9 ship for KQ to come along for the ride and take me down. Played bit of cash and was going along very nice until original raiser called my re raise and on a flop of KQrag his AQ to my AK still called my 3 bet to his lead and turned the Q for a meaty pot so decided that was enough for me and went on the drink instead. A few hours later Im sitting in the vacant seat at the final table fast asleep waiting for my lift home Stumpy to chop it 4 ways with Phlmc.
Funny before they made final table in that Stumpy and 15 others had put £10 each in a sweep for last longer bet. 2 players were left and the other guy had denied a suggested chop by Stumpy. He then took down another big pot so obviously wasnt wanting to deal again. Final table was reached and suggested he offer a 90/70 to guy who was well chipped up. Im sure he didnt really understand what we meant before when asking him if he wanted to deal and when they made final 10 Stumpy goes up to him after looking at stacks and says " Ya wanna deal mate now on the last longer bet 90/70?"
His reply was "Aye mate no problem £80 quid each seems fine with me" lolololol
That Stumpy runs so good

Bit of good fortune on Wednesday. Simply dont play hardly anything now online apart from NPF games so was amazed to see I was in the Silver section of the AWOP VIP Club for a £500 seat to any UK Live game for winner. Only 8 players took their seats from 10 and one hour 45 minutes later I was the winner of a £500 seat. Not sure where Ill use it Im deffo going down to Blackpool for the GUKPT so will probs use it there.
On the Blackpool GUKPT subject theres a guy from there called Brian "Weebrick" Clark who actually won the main event last year and who is one of the nicest guys youll meet in the poker scene. Hes got a staking offer up on AWOP forum site which in my opinion is superb value at £50 per share. Have a look on there as I guarantee ya youll deffo get a great run for ya money with amazing value back on offer.


stumpy said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz good craic as always next time get 2 the ft with chips