What a Shit Day :(

Hello all
just thought I would tell you all how shit a day I had yesterday,it started off with only 4 hours sleep the night before(not that bad really) then I went to the RVI hospital and was told by the specialist I had Multiple Sclerosis(knowhere near as bad as cancer) so I went home and had a power nap in readyiment(zero points in scrabble) for the £30 freezeout at circus.
The power nap turned into a full on snore fest and turned up not long before the break but long enough to add 1/3 to my stack.
Struggled for cards for a few levels after break but then the card rush came and I hit 100k for the final table which more or less stayed the same till this hand came with 6 left
blinds 3k/6k villain raises to 18k I look down at AsKs in sb and repop to 58k to let him know I had a premium I have a reputation as a rock so unless he has me fooked then he should fold..right?
Villain tanks and then goes all in for another 40k saying he was tired and flips Ad10s
10d2d3d flops followed by blank and Jd on river to give him nut flush and monster stack what a fooking donkey only been playing the game 30 years and has learnt nothing(ok that last bit was a bit bitter but hey ho I had a really shit day and no point in bottling things up)
I still had chips but went all in blind for the next 3 hands doubling up and all in for 18k with KhQh only for fellow dobba Stumpy to call me blind when he only had about 45k himself WTF! anyway he had 10 3 and hit the 3 to send me to the rail or home as the case may be.
I stopped off at tesco and bought a few dvd's and watched Lions for lambs starring Tom Cruise what a pile of doodoo a shit end to a shit day but wait I must have went on my pc otherwise I wouldnt be posting this would i so about 10 minutes ago I went on Facebook and noticed the friendship request i had sent Maria Demetriou had been rejected(ok I have never really met her apart from the time i was sitting next to her at the virgin festival at Aspers a couple of years ago and she put me out but you got to try...right?

Anyways fantastic news it is now a new day(thank fuck)

Laterz all

David Stephenson (not Jimmy)


TEAMDOBB said...

shit day & shit news mate. Maria mustnt of realised it was the friend of Jim Henson & Mike Dyson

stumpy said...

shit day nd u know wots coming when they say its late i wanna gan 2 bed. my call was 12k to win 34k so not even looking at cards. keep battling on mate

mag1892 said...

sry to hear your bad news m8 , if u ever need owt just gis a shout.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Cheers Colin could you go round and let his tyres down?

xenocode said...

sorry to here the bad news dave

Phlmc said...

Tough break but knowing what you are facing is better then worrying about what the hells wrong imo.

Good to see you on Friday on seemingly good form

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Thank you Dobbas,alright Philmc was cruelly dumped but he isnt a numpty,cub or radgie

tom said...

sorry to hear your bad news dave. keeping going m8

Ridla said...

Sorry news Dave, keep your chin up mate.