Aspers £50 game 29th November

Alreet Stumpy here, Sunday 29th Nov £50 f/o 1 rebuy allowed in 1st level.

Get seat 1 and have to deal fml,deal AA x3 KK x4 to same guy in 1st level and this young kid has a go at me as if its my fault,build stack with slowplayed KK and AK on a KQ9 flop when I get reraised on flop so I flat,he bets turn and I flat chch otr and he tables QJ Im upto 16k when we move table thank god as young kid was pain in the arse.Next table got the plum seat right next to Simmy 3 fking K not just for easy chips but nice lad with a real weird but funny sense of humour,a good time to start on the corona and Simmy joins me,play JJ pretty bad after raise utg get 3 callers and flop come Q high and Chris Wood really solid player from Teeside bets out after I ch all fold and I call was planning to do something on turn then realise he doing this with AQ and give up he had AQ so just stopped myself from blowing out of tourney here,next hand get AA all fold jeez,lose another small pot in blinds and I get moved again and Im down to 8k which is ss blinds 400-800 so I have 4 hands to get them in end off shipping 76 utg bb folds A7 after saying to me you always have the nuts I say not always and show 76 hoping I get a hand and paid off next time I ship.Ship sb with a rag and Im upto 12k,utg raises I reship 99 he folds,raise AK all fold,then reraise button raise with QQ and he calls with Q10 now at 40k and then look at 1 card Ace raise but Chris Woods bb ships allin for all my chips look at other card Ace weeeee, Chris has KK no help for him and Im now on 80kish,then moved tables with 16 left and maintain stack till final table by nicking a few blinds best one was raise button with A 10 or might of been 10 4 Latif flats in bb flop a 72r I cbet and he folds KK face up!Final table and Mark Tretts cl think I was about 3rd with 96k. Simmy3k was there so bought him another pint to celebrate haha 1st hand get AA no action,then raise in position with 99,66,J10 then 3 bet pokerjack with QQ so now my stack upto about 150k and down to 7 left when JGeek raised and PaulJjohnstone ships from sb and Mark Trett reships bb John has a big decision as they are the two bigstacks now but he makes the call with QQ,Paul has 99 Mark has AQ Paul triples up when he hits 9 but John wins main pot and moves upto 400kish.

6 left now and John raises again and Simmy makes a stand with A10 v 99 no help for Simmy wpwp enjoyed your company.5 left and John doubles a couple of shortys up so decide to chop £1500 for John and £770 for me ,Paul,Pokerjack and Dean markthesharks son.Really enjoyed the game but hope they extend the blinds to 30mins and add in 2 missing blind levels as when we got down to 30 it was abit of a crapshoot.

keep on smiling Stumpy

Alreet Stumpy here,

16th Nov circus £20£20 game,13 left and 1010 v AJ J on the turn and I head home -£44

friday 19th nov Aspers £20 f/o 114 runners,

Arrive to be met by Teamdobb and son scot who have just enjoyed a free meal he won in a raffle he runs good as he won two of them,we take are seats and Im on Teamdobbs and Farmer Daves table. Some good banter but we are quickly broken up,next table has a lad on he seems keen to play everypot I lose half my stack to him AK v AQ then I double back up v him AJ v K9 aipf 2.7k when blinds 100-200 lol.

Another table move and I chip up to 11k with some small pots until I raise btton with 99 bb flats flop 9 J Q and I get cr allin and Im up against A 10 which he bricks and Im upto 23kish.ThenIi get 99 again raise again bs calls then shorty ships 6k I reship to isolate only to be snapped by A 10 wtf. Ace on the turn and Im down to 3.5k.Allin next hand with 75 2 callers and river 2 pair now back to 13kish.Gladys ships allin for 6k and I have AQ bb. Now anyone else its easy call but its Gladys then the corona kicks and I think shes lessoned her range I was right she had lessoned her range and she tables KK lol, a nice ACE on the river and Im upto 18kish.
Down to 2 tables blinds 1k-2k and Im shipping every chance I get and get them thro and move upto 36k when Mrs Stumpy goes out n the bubble unlucky pet for £30.

Final table,With a very merry Teamdobbs cheering from the sidelines and Farmer Dave on the ft the banter was nonstop and very funny with all the lads on the ft joining in,We had lost 3 when I ship allin with 88 v JJ v AQ and I hit the straight on the river to triple up, Stewey a lad from work had JJ ul mate.Then a lad from Peterlee who had been a good laugh decides to knock 3 out in no time and Farmer Dave does the 4 way deal £355 for us and £500 cl.Another great corona friday.

mtt +£333

21st nov circus £20£20 54 runners

Decided to deal and played poor tbh eventually shoving ss into KK and out in 15th Mrs Stumpy ft but lost AQ v Alis A9 and finished 9th for £60

Online has been queit of late due to work and playing live, a couple of near misses, 22nd in 19.5kg on tilt lost JJ v AK for cl then AK v JJ hit k then he hits rnr rnr flush.Then 27th in the $3 rebuy AK v QQ for nr cl no help.

keep on smiling stumpy

Stumpys NPF Champs

Alreet Stumpy here, Friday 29th October Aspers £20 f/o

A 116 runners the standard is awful but if you can gets some chips early you have a good chance to ft.Got a lovely table and chip upto 6.5k in the 1st level from the 4k ss until I get aa utg I raise to 200 blinds 50/100 get a caller then ss ships allin for 1700 I flat and next guy flats leaving himself 1400 behind flop is 234 2 clubs I go allin and he tank calls with 9c8c mm WP and gets there on the turn other allin has kk.Not many chips left so gamble to get a stack and flop top pair but Im out kicked and move over to the dealers choice table £1-£2 1st hand I get it allin £100 with flopped set v hamids fd and gutshot I turn the fh but hamid hits bigger fh when he pairs his Qs sik reload. I build this upto £450 until I flop trip 6s and theres 4 allins im up against fd and straight draws again i hit my fh on the turn and Im counting the £800 pot until Ace on the river whick gives Adam bigger FH I take the sidepot to be about even in the hand.Abit up and down from then until
Teamdobb comes across having chopped the tourney 4 ways for £400 weeeeeee.1 of the last hands I play a guy who seemed a bit of a newbie at dealers choice 3 barrelled a 3 heart board when I flopped 2nd nut flush I called all the way and he shows flopped straight phew.So we head off home £355 up

mtt -£22

cash +£355

NPF Champs 6th of Nov

Arrive at Circus and the place is buzzing a few coronas and take my seat at the 1st table and somehow end up with 4 bottles. Dreamdobbs there and he takes 1 of my hands then we end up having a good drink until im moved.Main hands that I can remember on 1st table

55 raised 3 callers flop Q75 Dream bets out 1.5k I make it 2 more he calls turn 8 he bets out again 1.5k I move allin and proceed to talk him out of calling with his 75.

AA bb playa raises ep I 3 bet him he ships allin for about 8k I call he has ak no help for him and hes gone.Moved to next table and key hands were,77 bb buzz raises,Quietman flats I flat flop K75 Buzz chs Qman bets 2k I call Buzz folds turn puts 3rd club on board I ch Qman chs rvr 5 I bet 5k Qman calls and I take nice pot.Then I get few chips from Mark Trett 3 bet his raise with QQ he folds AJ then I call 2 of his late position raises with connecters and win both pots then I move to next table with 36k when av was about 14k.I lose a few chips until I get AQ and raise El Geordio flats in the bb flop is Qh6h7s i cbet 2.2k and he ships allin for 30k wow. I make the call and he tables 8s9s the turn is the 2s and the river a very nice Q and I move upto 53kish and this is where I end the night when we get down to 19 players.

Day 2

Doubled my stack without a showdown until I get AA v Kenlocks Ah 10h and Ken hits flush,then El Geordio shoves 107 into my A9 on the bb flop a 10j 10 10 this knocks me down to 70k then I raise and lose another hand and I move to the ft with 60k when it could easily of been 130k.

final table

Take the blinds 4 times with AK,A5,94,1010,and Im upto 80k when Cameltoe raises utg I ship allin with AK and Im snapped by Kq4eva with KK no help for me and Im out in 7th for £250.Im gutted but theres nothing more I could of done just wasnt my day.A few will be saying the same Cameltoe who made another NPF ft wp,goldfoxdom who lost with AA.Andy Blair whos AA lost to Rob Charltons QQ 3 handed vul especially after playing some great poker on the ft,Well done to Rob who went on to beat John Devlin who played great poker for 2 days hup wp all who made the ft.

Mrs Stumpy went on to split the £20 £20 with Dan Trett for £585 each, Dan had a big cl but made a even split, N1 Dan it wont be forgotten.

Another great result for Kaz after splitting the £50 game shes deffo on a great run keep it up.

keep on smiling stumpy

From a Cardguard to the WSOP

OK hes often known for his totally crazy comments and remarks but NPF member *S*LA*L* Steve Laker has gave me what I think is an absolutely gem of an idea totally unique to poker forums. Im sure others will copy but lets get going on this and see how far we can take it.

We all have something we dont use or that is just gathering dust or is of less value to you than something else so the idea is to trade an item up until we reach our target goal. The target goal would be to get someone to the WSOP and play an event and obviously to play the main event would be the pinnacle goal.

To do this we trade an item for something else until we trade up in value to our target or as far as we can get it. Any monetary returns could be put back into the forum to use for whatever people want but that isnt really the aim of this idea.

To start the ball is a NPF Cardguard and away we go.


n.b. to make this even more interesting what I propose is that any NPF member that succeeds in a succesful swop then qualifies for a MTT to decide which member plays the actual event in Las Vegas we trade up to.

The winner of that MTT will play the event with all the NPF and probaly the worlds media eyes on them. Be nice little story that one

NPF Trade Thread

edit: already traded the CG for an office chair

Mags NPF Forum Championship 2010

been a while since i last posted due to lack of live play etc ( work etc) , so i wasn't going to miss this the flagship npf forum game .

i arrive and find out off cgk that I'm to early thinking its a 2pm start when its a 3pm start , soon after Dave , Scott and dream arrive and start setting up the tables for the prizes etc , soon after Herbie hackett arrives dressed in drag lol , now everyone is starting to arrive and u can feel the atmosphere building as this is 1 of only a handful of tourneys where most of the npf turn out for togther ( which should be more often ) , great to see some new faces also , and very good to see farmer dave and omahaha get into the spirit of things by dressing up as what i would say the bluesbrothers but instead of black they are head to toe in pink ( respect guys ) , teamdobbs and cgk are today's bookies and are taking in alot of money , hope they break even at least lol.

game gets under way and I'm on table 4 with stumpy , pjb , qpr , simpa , dream , mr daz , stu costa and jamie .
not much going on , then i look down at ak blinds are 25/50 so i make it 125 and get 5 callers lol , flop is aq10 so checked around to stu who bets 500 i flat and everyone else folds , turn is a 4 stu bets 500 hmmm I'm thinking i call river is a 7 stu bets 500 and i reluctantly call to see aq .

next hand i play the blinds are 50/500 and im bb 2 limpers and mr daz raises to 300 i look down at 22 so i flat as does pjb , flop 2q8 so i check hoping to induce a re-raise situation pjb checks then mr daz bets 2500k into a pot of 950 so i put him on something big aa or kk so i repop it to 5500 then pjb goes into the tank for ages ( must have aq ) he very reluctantly folds then mr daz goes into the tank then says have u got 22 or 88 then he goes allin yes hes got kk and he misses on t and river hes now down to about 400 chips ( ul m8 ) and we soon lose him.

few hands later and its 50/100 im bb and i got 1010 so i raise to 300 and pjb (sb) and qpr (bb) flat , flop is 562 r so pjb checks and qpr bets 500 ( didn't look strong ) so i flat but pjb takes a while and he also flats hmmm turn is a j checks all round then A on river they both flat and I'm thinking should i make a value bet , tbh it looked very sus the way pjb played it so i check qpr instant mucks and pjb turns over 66 for a set :).

few hands later i get moved to samj's table and hes running amok , hes got about 54000k when the av is about 12k lol , on the table is bella , bendy , luvdatoon , sensh , delta bravo and mrs stumpy .
sam or sensh is raising every pot to 2and a quarter bbs so i just think stay out od trouble , blinds are now 100/200 and sam utg does his customary raise and luvdatoon and sensh flat i look down at jj on button so make it 1600 sam flats and does luv ( only got about 5k ?) , flop comes down jj5 hmmm how do i play this , sam bets 1325 luv folds and i flat after a few more seconds , turn is a 7 sam checks as do i , river is a 10 sam checks and i then look at pot and think a small value bet might intice him so i bet 2500 he thinks for ages then re-raises to about 14k not sure exactly cos he just threw it in , i go allin and he folds for the extra 3kish i show quads he shows 57 for 3 pair lol.

I'm not doing much and table breaks for dinner which was free and put on by circus which was awesome as usual.

after the break we get the chip count and it happens that im chip leader by a few hundred whcih gets me the green jersey ( koytes idea i belive taking from tour de france every hr a chip count and chip leader get to wear it then sign it and hand over to new chip leader next hr ) which i did as the players were busting out fast and thick .

it gets down to 30 players and we get moved to teamdobbs table with koyte , rob charlton cheryl routledge , sensh , goldfoxdom , 8ball ally ( good to put name to face ) camel toe and leptic , not much going on apart from small stacks shoving etc , it gets down to 23 players and im utg on blinds of 800/1600 with 2 antes i got qq so i raise to 4200 rob goes allin ( small stack ) and also cheryl goes allin for not much more , i go into tank thinking rob could have anything and hoping cheryl had aq/ak i call she has ak and rob has 107 , flop j77 turn and river brick so we lose cheryl but i get some chips back as i have rob covered , very next hand its floded all the way to camel toe who raises to 6k i got kk so i push instantly hoping to make it look like tilt and cameltoe thinks for ever then reluctantly calls hes got a8 to which im glad to see tbh , yeah u guessed it ace in the window gg me lol , cant say i wasnt gutted 2 hands in a row nvm always next yr , the game then breaks for day 2 with 19 players remaining .

i didnt make day 2 just had a quiet day in and kept upto date through the forum on who was out etc.
the winner was rob charlton who might have got lucky agaisnt me but i heard he got a few bad beats also so it evened itself out for him , gg m8 wp.

somone once said to me u have to be lucky to win a big feild event probably at least 2 times , i think hes right , not that its a bad thing , but 1 i should take notice of this in the next tourney i play , i keep getting deep but the later stages i go out more often with the best hand either pre or on the flop , last 2 times this game has played i bubbled lol.

got to say this even means a lot to everyone thers a massive amount of kudos if u win this event , some people might say it was capped at 100 etc , but the feild of players that was on show was aswome some deffo pros in the making.

cgk was as ever compare which he done unbeliveable again , espically after going out first with AA :( gutted for you m8.

also have to say a massive thanks to scott , dave , mr e, cgk dreamdobb and everyone else for putting a massive amount of time and effort into this game.

and lastly the circus staff who as uasally was headed by jimmy b and was run as brilliant as normal with dealers valets and buffet etc.

ps cant wait for the next nfp game.:)