Alreet Stumpy here,

16th Nov circus £20£20 game,13 left and 1010 v AJ J on the turn and I head home -£44

friday 19th nov Aspers £20 f/o 114 runners,

Arrive to be met by Teamdobb and son scot who have just enjoyed a free meal he won in a raffle he runs good as he won two of them,we take are seats and Im on Teamdobbs and Farmer Daves table. Some good banter but we are quickly broken up,next table has a lad on he seems keen to play everypot I lose half my stack to him AK v AQ then I double back up v him AJ v K9 aipf 2.7k when blinds 100-200 lol.

Another table move and I chip up to 11k with some small pots until I raise btton with 99 bb flats flop 9 J Q and I get cr allin and Im up against A 10 which he bricks and Im upto 23kish.ThenIi get 99 again raise again bs calls then shorty ships 6k I reship to isolate only to be snapped by A 10 wtf. Ace on the turn and Im down to 3.5k.Allin next hand with 75 2 callers and river 2 pair now back to 13kish.Gladys ships allin for 6k and I have AQ bb. Now anyone else its easy call but its Gladys then the corona kicks and I think shes lessoned her range I was right she had lessoned her range and she tables KK lol, a nice ACE on the river and Im upto 18kish.
Down to 2 tables blinds 1k-2k and Im shipping every chance I get and get them thro and move upto 36k when Mrs Stumpy goes out n the bubble unlucky pet for £30.

Final table,With a very merry Teamdobbs cheering from the sidelines and Farmer Dave on the ft the banter was nonstop and very funny with all the lads on the ft joining in,We had lost 3 when I ship allin with 88 v JJ v AQ and I hit the straight on the river to triple up, Stewey a lad from work had JJ ul mate.Then a lad from Peterlee who had been a good laugh decides to knock 3 out in no time and Farmer Dave does the 4 way deal £355 for us and £500 cl.Another great corona friday.

mtt +£333

21st nov circus £20£20 54 runners

Decided to deal and played poor tbh eventually shoving ss into KK and out in 15th Mrs Stumpy ft but lost AQ v Alis A9 and finished 9th for £60

Online has been queit of late due to work and playing live, a couple of near misses, 22nd in 19.5kg on tilt lost JJ v AK for cl then AK v JJ hit k then he hits rnr rnr flush.Then 27th in the $3 rebuy AK v QQ for nr cl no help.

keep on smiling stumpy


Amatay said...

Decent results fish, keep it up.

stumpy said...

ty come on start blogging again i get bored