From a Cardguard to the WSOP

OK hes often known for his totally crazy comments and remarks but NPF member *S*LA*L* Steve Laker has gave me what I think is an absolutely gem of an idea totally unique to poker forums. Im sure others will copy but lets get going on this and see how far we can take it.

We all have something we dont use or that is just gathering dust or is of less value to you than something else so the idea is to trade an item up until we reach our target goal. The target goal would be to get someone to the WSOP and play an event and obviously to play the main event would be the pinnacle goal.

To do this we trade an item for something else until we trade up in value to our target or as far as we can get it. Any monetary returns could be put back into the forum to use for whatever people want but that isnt really the aim of this idea.

To start the ball is a NPF Cardguard and away we go.


n.b. to make this even more interesting what I propose is that any NPF member that succeeds in a succesful swop then qualifies for a MTT to decide which member plays the actual event in Las Vegas we trade up to.

The winner of that MTT will play the event with all the NPF and probaly the worlds media eyes on them. Be nice little story that one

NPF Trade Thread

edit: already traded the CG for an office chair


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool idea. I saw a program on TV about this were someone started with something ridiculous like a biro and ended up with a house or something equally as unbelievable