Mags NPF Forum Championship 2010

been a while since i last posted due to lack of live play etc ( work etc) , so i wasn't going to miss this the flagship npf forum game .

i arrive and find out off cgk that I'm to early thinking its a 2pm start when its a 3pm start , soon after Dave , Scott and dream arrive and start setting up the tables for the prizes etc , soon after Herbie hackett arrives dressed in drag lol , now everyone is starting to arrive and u can feel the atmosphere building as this is 1 of only a handful of tourneys where most of the npf turn out for togther ( which should be more often ) , great to see some new faces also , and very good to see farmer dave and omahaha get into the spirit of things by dressing up as what i would say the bluesbrothers but instead of black they are head to toe in pink ( respect guys ) , teamdobbs and cgk are today's bookies and are taking in alot of money , hope they break even at least lol.

game gets under way and I'm on table 4 with stumpy , pjb , qpr , simpa , dream , mr daz , stu costa and jamie .
not much going on , then i look down at ak blinds are 25/50 so i make it 125 and get 5 callers lol , flop is aq10 so checked around to stu who bets 500 i flat and everyone else folds , turn is a 4 stu bets 500 hmmm I'm thinking i call river is a 7 stu bets 500 and i reluctantly call to see aq .

next hand i play the blinds are 50/500 and im bb 2 limpers and mr daz raises to 300 i look down at 22 so i flat as does pjb , flop 2q8 so i check hoping to induce a re-raise situation pjb checks then mr daz bets 2500k into a pot of 950 so i put him on something big aa or kk so i repop it to 5500 then pjb goes into the tank for ages ( must have aq ) he very reluctantly folds then mr daz goes into the tank then says have u got 22 or 88 then he goes allin yes hes got kk and he misses on t and river hes now down to about 400 chips ( ul m8 ) and we soon lose him.

few hands later and its 50/100 im bb and i got 1010 so i raise to 300 and pjb (sb) and qpr (bb) flat , flop is 562 r so pjb checks and qpr bets 500 ( didn't look strong ) so i flat but pjb takes a while and he also flats hmmm turn is a j checks all round then A on river they both flat and I'm thinking should i make a value bet , tbh it looked very sus the way pjb played it so i check qpr instant mucks and pjb turns over 66 for a set :).

few hands later i get moved to samj's table and hes running amok , hes got about 54000k when the av is about 12k lol , on the table is bella , bendy , luvdatoon , sensh , delta bravo and mrs stumpy .
sam or sensh is raising every pot to 2and a quarter bbs so i just think stay out od trouble , blinds are now 100/200 and sam utg does his customary raise and luvdatoon and sensh flat i look down at jj on button so make it 1600 sam flats and does luv ( only got about 5k ?) , flop comes down jj5 hmmm how do i play this , sam bets 1325 luv folds and i flat after a few more seconds , turn is a 7 sam checks as do i , river is a 10 sam checks and i then look at pot and think a small value bet might intice him so i bet 2500 he thinks for ages then re-raises to about 14k not sure exactly cos he just threw it in , i go allin and he folds for the extra 3kish i show quads he shows 57 for 3 pair lol.

I'm not doing much and table breaks for dinner which was free and put on by circus which was awesome as usual.

after the break we get the chip count and it happens that im chip leader by a few hundred whcih gets me the green jersey ( koytes idea i belive taking from tour de france every hr a chip count and chip leader get to wear it then sign it and hand over to new chip leader next hr ) which i did as the players were busting out fast and thick .

it gets down to 30 players and we get moved to teamdobbs table with koyte , rob charlton cheryl routledge , sensh , goldfoxdom , 8ball ally ( good to put name to face ) camel toe and leptic , not much going on apart from small stacks shoving etc , it gets down to 23 players and im utg on blinds of 800/1600 with 2 antes i got qq so i raise to 4200 rob goes allin ( small stack ) and also cheryl goes allin for not much more , i go into tank thinking rob could have anything and hoping cheryl had aq/ak i call she has ak and rob has 107 , flop j77 turn and river brick so we lose cheryl but i get some chips back as i have rob covered , very next hand its floded all the way to camel toe who raises to 6k i got kk so i push instantly hoping to make it look like tilt and cameltoe thinks for ever then reluctantly calls hes got a8 to which im glad to see tbh , yeah u guessed it ace in the window gg me lol , cant say i wasnt gutted 2 hands in a row nvm always next yr , the game then breaks for day 2 with 19 players remaining .

i didnt make day 2 just had a quiet day in and kept upto date through the forum on who was out etc.
the winner was rob charlton who might have got lucky agaisnt me but i heard he got a few bad beats also so it evened itself out for him , gg m8 wp.

somone once said to me u have to be lucky to win a big feild event probably at least 2 times , i think hes right , not that its a bad thing , but 1 i should take notice of this in the next tourney i play , i keep getting deep but the later stages i go out more often with the best hand either pre or on the flop , last 2 times this game has played i bubbled lol.

got to say this even means a lot to everyone thers a massive amount of kudos if u win this event , some people might say it was capped at 100 etc , but the feild of players that was on show was aswome some deffo pros in the making.

cgk was as ever compare which he done unbeliveable again , espically after going out first with AA :( gutted for you m8.

also have to say a massive thanks to scott , dave , mr e, cgk dreamdobb and everyone else for putting a massive amount of time and effort into this game.

and lastly the circus staff who as uasally was headed by jimmy b and was run as brilliant as normal with dealers valets and buffet etc.

ps cant wait for the next nfp game.:)


stumpy said...

nice write up mags was gutted about ya exit hands soooooo ul