Aspers £50 game 29th November

Alreet Stumpy here, Sunday 29th Nov £50 f/o 1 rebuy allowed in 1st level.

Get seat 1 and have to deal fml,deal AA x3 KK x4 to same guy in 1st level and this young kid has a go at me as if its my fault,build stack with slowplayed KK and AK on a KQ9 flop when I get reraised on flop so I flat,he bets turn and I flat chch otr and he tables QJ Im upto 16k when we move table thank god as young kid was pain in the arse.Next table got the plum seat right next to Simmy 3 fking K not just for easy chips but nice lad with a real weird but funny sense of humour,a good time to start on the corona and Simmy joins me,play JJ pretty bad after raise utg get 3 callers and flop come Q high and Chris Wood really solid player from Teeside bets out after I ch all fold and I call was planning to do something on turn then realise he doing this with AQ and give up he had AQ so just stopped myself from blowing out of tourney here,next hand get AA all fold jeez,lose another small pot in blinds and I get moved again and Im down to 8k which is ss blinds 400-800 so I have 4 hands to get them in end off shipping 76 utg bb folds A7 after saying to me you always have the nuts I say not always and show 76 hoping I get a hand and paid off next time I ship.Ship sb with a rag and Im upto 12k,utg raises I reship 99 he folds,raise AK all fold,then reraise button raise with QQ and he calls with Q10 now at 40k and then look at 1 card Ace raise but Chris Woods bb ships allin for all my chips look at other card Ace weeeee, Chris has KK no help for him and Im now on 80kish,then moved tables with 16 left and maintain stack till final table by nicking a few blinds best one was raise button with A 10 or might of been 10 4 Latif flats in bb flop a 72r I cbet and he folds KK face up!Final table and Mark Tretts cl think I was about 3rd with 96k. Simmy3k was there so bought him another pint to celebrate haha 1st hand get AA no action,then raise in position with 99,66,J10 then 3 bet pokerjack with QQ so now my stack upto about 150k and down to 7 left when JGeek raised and PaulJjohnstone ships from sb and Mark Trett reships bb John has a big decision as they are the two bigstacks now but he makes the call with QQ,Paul has 99 Mark has AQ Paul triples up when he hits 9 but John wins main pot and moves upto 400kish.

6 left now and John raises again and Simmy makes a stand with A10 v 99 no help for Simmy wpwp enjoyed your company.5 left and John doubles a couple of shortys up so decide to chop £1500 for John and £770 for me ,Paul,Pokerjack and Dean markthesharks son.Really enjoyed the game but hope they extend the blinds to 30mins and add in 2 missing blind levels as when we got down to 30 it was abit of a crapshoot.

keep on smiling Stumpy


mulhuzz said...

you get dealt AA an awful lot sir, wpwpwp ;)

Ridla said...

What a fucking card rack.. MBSFN

stumpy said...

you have to stay in the tourney long enuff to be card rack, you two wanna try it sumtime tyty