Teamdobbs has an unusual day off work as he is severely struck down with a case of man flu. With 'legs like jelly' and shivering aching limbs it doesn't even look like he will be able to lift the lid on his laptop.

I think Georges suck out at the Fellsider with his Ace flush draw on the flop to beat his flopped flush really affected him...but still managed to make a final table.


The official report of the race and news was as follows:

LADDIES POKER Two produced a most accomplished debut as she convincingly beat her field by six lengths at Kempton today (January 21st).

The Choisir filly was far too good for her six rivals, readily landing the seven-furlong maiden in the hands of jockey Tom Queally to delight the many attending members from her ownership syndicate.

Having been slowly into stride, she was soon travelling sweetly as Monsieur Reynard led them along. At the top turn the eventual outcome looked predictable as the grey loomed up in ominous fashion to tackle the principals.

She cruised along to lead by the two-pole and was totally in charge a furlong out before running out the 11/4 scorer in good style.

Trainer Jeremy Noseda was on hand - with plenty of the shareholders - to greet Laddies Poker Two back into the winner's enclosure.

Noseda said: "It was a pleasing first effort. She was a little bit green prior to the race and seemed to slightly miss the break but after the first furlong-and-a-half Tom was able to get her travelling on the bridle.

"She gave a very professional performance. For a first start, you couldn't have asked for a better effort.

"There is no immediate plan. We will see how the handicapper assesses her next Tuesday, but there is no urgency at this point to get her straight back on the racetrack. The way in which she raced suggests that getting a mile won't prove beyond her.

"I should also add that it was nice to see the syndicate so well represented at Kempton. It has taken a long time to get to this point with the filly having missed her two-year-old campaign. But I'm delighted with the first run of her life and feel that everyone's patience has been rewarded."

Tony Rushmer


Just been reading a post on AWOP by Poisson who I regularly speak to in Newcastle about Gerry "The Jock" Mcnally a well known player around the town who finished 2nd in the Poker Stars Poker Millions on Sunday Night. Its a megga well done from me mate
and a continuation of some great results especially live from 2007. Theyll be queuing up for a drink off him in Aspers!

PokerStars Sunday Million

The PokerStars Sunday Million had yet another big night last night, making for the third time in a row that the $200 buy-in version of the even has had more than 7,000 entrants. Last night’s event lured 7,520 entrants to generate a prize pool of $1,504,000. The first-place prize of $212,000 stood to be the biggest payday of the night if no deal was made at the final table (Full Tilt’s $1 million-guaranteed tournament was offering the first-place finisher $207,000).

A deal was made, however, when it got down to threehanded play. The deal ensured that all three players were guaranteed six-figure paydays. With $30,000 (or, as Lee Jones likes to say, “A small Lexus”) still on the line for the eventual winner, it got down to macthemac67 and StudMaverick for heads-up play. StudMaverick landed the final blow to take down the tournament and earn a total of $171,445, including the extra $30,000.

The final results were:

StudMaverick — $171,445*
macthemac67 — $117,784*
BluStarZ16 — $104,819*
spank01 — $60,160
Pier85 — $45,120
goonertone7 — $33,088
MagicCoin — $23,312
Tiwo — $13,536
mariaras — $8,874
* Payout reflects a three-way deal made at the final table.

Secondly a special mention and congratulations to Julien Thew on his achievement in winning the Brighton leg of the 2008 GUKPT to go with his other major achievements from 2007. What a start to the New Year for him which has been well received from a very liked player. Couple of lads I know met him last year around the hotel tournaments in Vegas during the WSOP and had nothing but nice words for him.


You heard it 1st on here but yes Laddies Poker Two although drifting badly in the market romped home at 11/4 by an impressive 6 lengths at Kempton.
Wooooooo Royal Ascot here we come. Weekend losses now turn into profit.


A while ago we posted on here how " TEAMDOBBS " played in a Ladbrokes multi for the chance to win a share in a racehorse for a year and any winnings it made for which we won.
Well today ITS RUNNING! Yes 2.50 Kempton today Laddies Poker Two stretches its legs in the hope of bringing some wonga into the coffers of Teamdobbs. Sorry but we dont have any "Inside info " for you.
Result posted later . Come on Laddies!


Friday saw me bubble in freeze out at Grosvenor when really small stack on other table tripled up to leave me having no option but to call guys raise when A8 d on my BB faced A10 which held up. A quick stg as I couldnt get on the cash game saw me go out 3rd boooo.Although I did have some success on my favourite 20 seaters on 888 to hold my monthly targets but I did have at least 4 bubble positions even on them.
Live stuff is just ahead of target and online is just below but I must admit Im not playing as much as normal.
Keegans return was megga but being swept away in all this I donated over a ton into Betfairs coffers by punting on Owen and plenty goals as I think most Geordies did. He got a big job on but we sure he can do it.


I have received evidence that King Kev has agreed terms n signed Shaun Wright-Phillips for the toon!






I have been thinking of enrolling at our local skool to improove my reading and communication skills inorder to be able to live a betta life thus enabling me to read betta and maybe share my thoughts and interests with folk of a higher calibre if they so kindly allow this.After this I mite do the Mind reading course for beginners held at our local community centre which Im sure will come in handy when playing poker. Maybe then big time players will allow me to sit at their tables with them in order I can increase their big fat pockets that are obviously so stuffed full of wonga with more. Or maybe Ill just say fk it and carry on living the very happy life I have surrounded by genuine friends and family.

P.S. Downloaded the Geordie version of Windaz to assist me in my education.If ya need a copy of the disc e mail me for a copy at with ya contact details enclosing a postage paid envelope for delivery. UK mainland only! Click on image to open for non computor users who are as thick as me!

How Can I Play this Different??

Over the last week I have lost two big pots over playing the same hand in similar situations. Any opinions on how to play it differently???

I have ace king in the big blind in both situations. I cant remember exactly what happened earlier in the week but this is what happened when I lost a pot monday.
I have ace king in the big blind. There are two flat callers and the small blind, playing 1 / 2$ cash table Im sat with about 280$. I raise it to 8$ and both the limpers call and the small blind passes.

Flop is ace 9 4. I see this as a good flop, so I decide to check and try to trap a little and bet on the turn heavy. Do you think thats a mistake?

So I check and the first guy bets 10 dollars and the other guy passes.

Now should i raise there and see where I am? Instead I just flat call.

Turn card is a 6. The guy has 90 dollars left.

Probs I shot my load here I decide to check again and he bets 20 and i raise him all in. he calls and shows 444.....ooops!! anyone got any ideas on how to play it. I think ace king should be played so much differently in cash to a tourny.

The New Gaffa with the Chairman!!!

Bankroll Management

Just a quick post by Karen33000. As I said in a recent post I have set myself targets to reach this year in poker and have now decided to try to keep a much closer eye on where Im getting my results and just basically manage myself which will hopefully make me stay disciplined. I pretty much always play cash games apart from the odd tourney or sit and go but I never play a tourney above 10 dollars really on the internet. Does anyone have a good spreadsheet design to keep record of cash games???

Team Dobbs Love Affair

Well on me way home last nite i was thinking is a big step for me. I often find myself takin about real life situations but turning it into a hand at a poker table with degenerate matto inbetween him talking about how he wants to play a thousand dollar sit and go for his whole bankroll!

So here is a brief over view of the members of teamdobbs love life

1) The Guvnor - Davey

Well Davey has been gaanin oot wit his lass for yrs and if she is anything like him she will be a reet kid! act like a bloody 17 yr old! Davey for me in the poker love life has played a huge pot early in the tournament when the blinds are low. He has put his lass on a flush draw with his over pair and he aint gonna back doon! Little does Davey naarrr but she has like a straight on the flop with a flush draw to back it up! Davey is well and trully pot committed! but its for the best!

2) Steak and Chips Man - THE TRUE DOBBS

Dobbsy between bullyin Batsey has some how managed to find himself a lass and settle down! I still cant believe it! He is another one. He is mid way through the tourny and he is on a flush draw and is megga feeling hittin it, after all its diamond flush draw.... his favourite of all flushes! his lass however has trips and when the diamond comes on the river (only to pair the board) dobbsy is thinking "Lovely steak and chips for me tonite!). So when he bets nearly 4/5ths of his stack his lass raises he thinks fook but feels he has to call! pot odds!

3) Beastieboy know Beastisbak

Beastie is the Gloria of the love scene always hanging around tryin to make a final table. He is playin short stacked and has to push all in wit any ace!! only a few have called the beast so far to keep him alive in the tourny

4) Matto

Matto started off his love life like he plays his poker wanting to play alot of cheap flops and pick up small pots. However of late he has got caught playing limp poker wit 7 3 and is now heavily involved in a pot with Bianca who is slow rolling him with aces!

5) Myself

Well Im well and truly a grinder at cards and at love! Im slowly grinding out a decent stack with a Japanese bird who cant understand a word of my mumbling voice!

Probs abit of a weird post but im bored after work. Enjoy!

New Years Resolution

This is Karen33000 writing. Well to be honest I dont really go for this new years resolution rubbish because if you need to change something "why bloody wait until the new year to change??"
Im just wondering if people set themselves a target for cash for the new year? I secretly have.
Last year was pretty bad in the poker for me, I think the main problem being struggling to get a good level of discipline into my game and also having confidence and trust in myself that I will be successful in the end ( God this is starting to sound like the bloody Dear Deirdre column in The Sun!).

This year i must!!!
1) Learn not to fire and fire even when I know the guy is not going to pass

2) Not play over my head on high stakes tables

3) If I start losing to drop down levels

4) To outdraw Matto wit a middle pin

5) To get some bling like Davey (Teamdobb)

6) To make Dobbsy (Gyposdog) get a haircut and have him eat something other than steak and chips.

Someone who I hope starts hitting his flush draws is Paul Merson. Old Merson is in trouble again after gambling his house on a middle pin straight draw with a back door flush draw and has lost again (JUST ONE TIME MERSON!). He is now back in his ex council house with his parents. I therefore knight Paul - THE RAILMAN of the football world.

Happy new year all! Big shout out to Barry Smith the railman at Grosvenor who last time i saw him had two full trays in the cash game and has been making regular final tables!! Go Bazza


Just came across an interesting article and site offering a new concept into Online Poker.Its a poker room which people can join by paying a small monthly subscription ($19.95)for which they receive 500 "POINTS" which you can use to take part in tournaments and win money. Alot of interst is sure to attract the American market now being available in 38 states and several European countries.
Winning tournaments not only earns cash but also more points. The bigger point bank a player has enables them to get involved in bigger prize money competitions.It DOESNT MATTER if a player loses some or all of his points because everyday the points are topped back up to a 500 starting bank. Wow could be better than sharing with Gyposdog this!
Well worth a look at with 2 week FREE trial available. PS enter a bonus code of EUROPA. The site is obviously aimed at low bankroll playersand payouts are usually run at $100 plus and has a record cash out in one month standing at $8000


Starting to become disillusioned with online poker at the moment, cant take the beats like i used to (arrr poor bairn i can hear you think). I realised this when i couldn't for the life of me get to sleep after, i CRASHED out of the 45k on pokerstars in 12th position from 1315 players my ak v aj for the chiplead lost, then twohands later, in about 5th position in chips, my kk got beaten by jj and it was of to the world of the insomniacs for me (im actually getting a stress pain in my neck now thinking about it lol).
So last night seen me break off my slippers put my pipe to rest, hockle on the laptop and hit that FANTASTIC BIG CITY NEWCASTLE. Ends up at the grosvenor with Mr Teamdobb himself and card room legend Berlin Bates, must say it was nice to see alot of the old faces again, Gary Brewer,Dave Harris, Colin Taylor,the one and only Barry Smith, Jimmy Lawson,Christine , big daft loud Danny from stanley nice lad really just misunderstood by some miserable old cnts, but i like him. Must not forget to give a big shout to Craig Foggo he a character, thinking he the dogs danglys with his bose headphones, i think they are a two way radio with Allen Cunningham, the way he was playing, the laydowns he showed me were frightening well done mate most definitely the most improved player I've seen there.
Wasn't long before i remembered why i stopped going there when i went to buy in and it had gone up again, only 50p but why the fuck just 50p? if your raising your prices and looking like a bunch of greedy ruthless arseholes, you may as well of got a better result, Its the like of poor Candice who gets the stick for it, must give her a shout as well for the fantastic job she does.
The tourny went well never lost a hand until it got down to the last 12 made a bit of a loose call with a5sooted the guy had jj but that was the only mistake. gutted to see Teamdobb go out 12th and Berlin Bates 15th so close yet so far, lol 40% more for me woo hoo needed it after having three days off work this week with manflu and tonsilitus. Made final table with about twice the average and just coasted through really till it got down to the last three, got shot of the short stack and it was heads up with a good player and a real gentleman Colin Taylor he had me about 2-1 and offered a deal,to be honest id of offered him the same he a nice genuine bloke(id only do this for a handful of people), so 400 each it was and we played on for 45 well i say played on i was knackered and pushing every hand and ended up winning with my k9 v his 910sooted ended up just splitting the 45 lol so all in all I'm glad i pulled myself away from online poker not just because i won but because of some of them real diamond people that get in the place.
So first win of the year, it was deffo needed because my head was getting done in with the game, but its amazing what a win can do and like us all i just love that feeling of victory Well that's my quarterly blog done(lol) good luck at the tables in 2008. oh and big shout to paul merson the barry smith of footy hee hee







My 84 year old Grandad was struggling through Eldon Square yesterday with heavy shopping bags when he was approached by Mike Ashley who asked him "Hey old fella can you manage?"
Get lost Grandad replied I dont want the job!

SCAREY MAN BUT..............





more exclusive stuff came through to me on the possible new signing for the Toon. Sorry but its a no no. The player has decided to take a job elsewhere unfortunately.




I have just received exclusive inside information and video evidence of Big Sams extent to which he will search in order to keep his job and bring in the sort of talent the football mad geordie fans deserve. Only thing stopping him signing this very talented player is apparently hes a bit lacking in pace and energy for Sams liking.



The New Year was seen in with an extensive ban outlawing almost all forms of online gambling in Germany. The ban has been ratified by at least 13 of 16 German states, and went into effect on New Year’s Day. The ban itself originated from a mid-December vote by each of the 16 state legislatures to not allow any form of Web-based gambling or brokering of games on the Internet.

The new law stops all wagering over the ‘net, specifically including placing bets with companies based in other countries. Advertising of any form of Internet gambling has also been banned, and the new law even allows German states to have ISPs block access to sites offering gambling.

Of course, with any law passed like this, challenges are to be expected, and so only time will tell how long the law will hold up. Four of the German states are already subject to an action filed with the European Union in October by Austrian online bookie bWin, and Tipp24 also plan to file action against the new rules. In a statement released on 19th December, Tipp24 claimed that it viewed the new rules as “as clearly contrary to law and will sue for its rights if necessary.” Politicians in opposition to the action passed by the controlling Hesse party are expected to fight as well.


Week end got off to a bad start when after winning a small amount of betfair cash decided to watch abit of channel 4 racing while playing before going to Stanleys for £50 Deep Stack Tournie at 4 o clock.
Ruby Walsh soon put a dampner on things coming in on treble and costing me nearly £200. Oh well off to Stanleys to recoup losses I hoped and with about 50 runners and many regular faces it looked like being a decent game. The background music coming from the plasma screen in the Chinese section kept me sane as for nearly 3 hours I only saw about 3 hands I could possibly play and thats no kidding.Pretty chuffed with my discipline actually and after table move at last things started looking up. Couple of double ups at right time put me back in game when getting low and after folding JJ on BB to big raise to guys JJ ( lol ) I look at Ace 10 in BB next time round to 2 limpers. Flop is ace and 2 loose connectors which I bet and get the 2 calls. Turn brings a 9 with check to me and Im sure Im ahead with my Ace although possible staright is there or buiding so I decide fk it and push it all in to which guy on my left who is very strong player ( knocked me out of last 200 game in Grosvenor last 2 tables AK to his AJ ) calls and other guy folds. Surprised surprise to see hes on up n down straight draw and woooo my Ace holds up to take down nice tasty pot. Table break up and despite throwing away more than I wanted on attempted steals was confident of getting there with what I had. Last 14 and made attempt to steal BB from sb with J9 suited but call came. Flop of AA7 saw me make bet to call and turn of 2 was check check. River brings another Ace to which my 12k bet was faced with immediate all in. Ooops the non believer and I fold to which guy shows 24 spades. Nh eh but cudnt understand his all in move because I could only call with better hand which would of knocked him out.
Any way tighten up after that and not long later its final table. Seat 6 sees me in between 2 monsta stacks but thats life. Looking at money on offer I decide early on to push as much as I can for that top 3 place. I double up when my 10 10 holds against AK but soon after my AQ call to 12k bet and 3 handed sees flop containing Ace and the initial raiser and smallest stack goes all in which I call. AK to my AQ and oucha. Couple of rounds later and 9 left I see 77 in 3rd position and decide lets go but ouch its QQ on my left and its bye bye baby bye bye for £80. All in all Im happy although that soon changes when I get puncture on way home.
Sunday I play final satellite for $80k gtd on Pacific and get through for evening final to which I play really solid going along nice until my decent raise on button with 10 10 gets call by AK on BB and big stack.3 rag flop and I push to which he calls and hits his K on the turn. Wasnt too bothered cos TOON TOON had came good for me in afternoon when my tip of the week 0-0 came in. Had draw h/t for 20 at 2.2 30 on draw h/t draw f/t at 5.8 30 on less than 2.5 goals at 1.9 and 10 on 0-0 at 12.5 for very nice profit and bollocks to Ruby Walsh and the cost of that new tyre!


Its May when the next GUKPT rolls into town at Grosvenor. Bring it on!

2008 GUKPT Schedule is Released
Details have been released about the upcoming 2008 season of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, and once again it looks like the GUKPT is going to be the premier stop on the UK circuit.

Tour manager Jonathan Raab has worked very hard to make a tournament schedule for real poker players with extra value added throughout.

The calendar looks thus far like this:

Leg 1 – Brighton (January)
Leg 2 – Walsall (February)
Leg 3 – London (March)
Leg 4 – Manchester (April)
Leg 5 – Newcastle (May)
Leg 6 – Luton (August)
Leg 7 – Bolton (September)
Leg 8 – Thanet (October)
Leg 9 – Blackpool (November)
Grand Final – London (November)

The tour is also likely to include the Grand Prix and a multi venue 'link' event which will be announced shortly. There is a break in the tour between June and July during the WSOP, but immediately after that there is set to be a week long Online GUKPT Festival on Blue Square Poker and its skins. The number of direct satellites to GUKPT events and side events will also increase, which can be found on skins such as Green Joker Poker.

The ten stops on the GUKPT tour will include a much bigger, festival feel, series of side events. Jonathan Raab has commented that the average festival schedule may look like this:

Monday - £200 NL Hold'em Freezeout (2 day)
Tuesday - £300 DC Hold'em Freezeout (2 day)
Wednesday - £100 PL Omaha Rebuy/£250 PL Omaha Freezeout (1 day)
Thursday - £1,000 NL Hold'em Main Event Day 1a
Thursday (eve) - £100 NL Hold'em Freezeout (1 day)
Friday - £1,000 NL Hold'em Main Event Day 1b
Friday (eve) - £100 NL Hold'em Freezeout (1 day)
Saturday - £1,000 NL Hold'em Main Event Day 2
Saturday (late afternoon start) - £300 NL Hold'em Freezeout (1 day)
Sunday - £1,000 NL Hold'em Main Event Day 3
Sunday (afternoon start) - £200 NL Hold'em Freezeout/£100 NL Hold'em Rebuy (1 day).

The GUKPT Leaderboard, this year won by Dave Smith, will include all the side events and online events in its rankings, so you need not even cash in a main event to have a chance at winning it. The top 18 players at the end of the year will all receive a cash prize so there really will be everything to play for.

As usual, there is lots of added value in all the events this year. Anyone who wins a main event qualifies automatically for the grand final in London. £30,000 is going to be given in prize money for the GUKPT Leaderboard and a special £75,000 freeroll called the Champion of Champions event will take place for everyone who wins a main event, side event or online event. Players chip stacks will vary based on what level of event they won to get there.

The tremendous success of the GUKPT has to be down to the fact that it is a tour organised by poker enthusiasts and 2008 looks to be a mouth watering 12 months on the UK circuit. Who needs Vegas eh?


I have just linked the site to here. An excellent and interesting active forum is on there with alot of North East action going on. The 3 poker venues in Newcastle are providing lots of controvesey at the moment with what seems alot of tit for tat action between them. This in my opinion can only be good for the players with better games on offer and a wider choice for the pocket. Newcastle is spoilt really with 3 excellent venues all different in their own right providing Poker every night of the week. Sometimes you can take this for granted till you go somewhere else in the country and see whats on offer.
Long may it continue I say and good luck to all 3 card room managers in getting us through your doors.



OMG It even happens to online poker players! Ive just been informed by a player on betfair I know that my online table name has been STOLEN from me. Yes stolen! An unknown person is using my name of Teamdobbs on Betfair to play. They mainly play 1/2 cash NL and Omaha and not very well Im told. Despite several attempts to talk with this person no response was given so it was obvious it wasnt me as all that know me know I like a bit of banter at the table.
If anyone out there knows this person then please let me know. Im sure some of the insiders I know at betfair can gain access to this person and get me their details so I can deal with them as I feel is necessary.They need the dogs setting on them.


Back to the real world and sunshine breaks are all over for now! 9 hours waiting for ya connection flight in Paris soon brings ya back to earth. Put a bit of weight on as you can see but a few weeks training will soon shift that _ lol.
Wasnt all that impressed with Dubai to be fair, its deffo a megga place to see but also the biggest building site in the world by far.
Just been reading a few blogs from linked folk and a few mentions 1st. Good luck big style again to Rob "Animal" Price over there now in Aussie land in search of fame n fortune- gl buddy- if the Price is right im sure he ll come on down!
A nice comment from UK Gatsby and im so interested to see if I actually know the guy from Newcastle or even met him before? sure i have. Nice blog by the way.
Nice words of thanks to various folk from Pirus in his post. Im sure he will achieve his goals this year and from recent chats ive had with him he is well on course.
Azi been well quiet since St Kitts- hope everything is A OK and he achieves all he wants in 2008.
Hope Pete Juicey Oranges is back and fit on his feet and Meg80 stays as chilled as he likes to be.
Punterz will be Punterz and all the best to him. Macmillan will be amazed by him.
Good luck to "Suddes" and even matching last years figures will be great stuff.
Good luck to Eddie the looseman Constable on winning a WSOP seat for this year and sharing a beer with him in Caesars Palace card room. 50 50 50 on its way.
Good luck to my best poker buddy Gyposdog for 2008 and the rest of Teamdobbs.
Best of luck to Tubetop in his quest to wrestle the felly crown from \young \muldoon.
Last but not least good luck to S2C2 in his education and learning programme aimed at qualifying for WSOP 2010 when he ll be old enough to see and play Vegas- hes well on the way.

2008 for Teamdobbs ? -- who knows. Would like to see a repeat of the team event in Newcastle. Going to try and put game plan together and set some targets to aim for. Dont really know yet what theyll be cos I sort of play poker for different reasons to alot of others. Want to play more live stuff this year and hope the recent battle of the casinos continue for punters sake in town. Hats off to Stanleys Circus at mo, they seem to have it right at moment attracting more punters everyweek. Shows ya what can be done if card room manager listens to players and organises it well. ( Im sure "Candygirl" from Grosvenor will fight back ) but dont know wot the hell is going on at Aspers cos sounds like theve lost the plot.
Deffo be back for WSOP 2008 but might go earlier than main event 2 weeks to enjoy weather better and maybe play a couple of lower entry bracelet events for experience alone if nothing more.
Qualifying for GUKPT at Newcastle leg is a deffo aim and would deffo go back for Caribbean Classic and cruise if goes ahead if Rud will let me of course.
Icing on cake could maybe be winning a UKGATSBY award in 2008 ( 0:) )
All in all to keep enjoying playing and hopefully at end of year showing a profit is always an achievement in its own right. Good luck to all! Keep healthy 1ST its much more important than being wealthy.