I have just linked the site http://www.aworldofpoker.co.uk/ to here. An excellent and interesting active forum is on there with alot of North East action going on. The 3 poker venues in Newcastle are providing lots of controvesey at the moment with what seems alot of tit for tat action between them. This in my opinion can only be good for the players with better games on offer and a wider choice for the pocket. Newcastle is spoilt really with 3 excellent venues all different in their own right providing Poker every night of the week. Sometimes you can take this for granted till you go somewhere else in the country and see whats on offer.
Long may it continue I say and good luck to all 3 card room managers in getting us through your doors.


morlspin said...

Hey mate, good to see ya at the £50 freezeout yesterday, cant beleive i spunked off 58k in 2 hands to go out 15th....nightmare!

Yeah linking up the blogs is a good idea, ill add one now for you on mine

IMO Aspers has really shot itself in the foot and the sudden changes has ruined any chances of getting their regular players back, People are loyal but at the end of the day they want consistency and value!

GL for 2008 and see ya at the tables!

TEAMDOBB said...

omg i recognise you now.- jack jack jack jack folded like a pussy- lol but you look different with a nice bit totty on ya arm.

yea cudnt believe ya blew that stack the way you were blasting along but thats poker as you so well know. ended up 9th pushing too hard to get into top 3 where the dosh was. cya soon m8y linking you now.