Back to the real world and sunshine breaks are all over for now! 9 hours waiting for ya connection flight in Paris soon brings ya back to earth. Put a bit of weight on as you can see but a few weeks training will soon shift that _ lol.
Wasnt all that impressed with Dubai to be fair, its deffo a megga place to see but also the biggest building site in the world by far.
Just been reading a few blogs from linked folk and a few mentions 1st. Good luck big style again to Rob "Animal" Price over there now in Aussie land in search of fame n fortune- gl buddy- if the Price is right im sure he ll come on down!
A nice comment from UK Gatsby and im so interested to see if I actually know the guy from Newcastle or even met him before? sure i have. Nice blog by the way.
Nice words of thanks to various folk from Pirus in his post. Im sure he will achieve his goals this year and from recent chats ive had with him he is well on course.
Azi been well quiet since St Kitts- hope everything is A OK and he achieves all he wants in 2008.
Hope Pete Juicey Oranges is back and fit on his feet and Meg80 stays as chilled as he likes to be.
Punterz will be Punterz and all the best to him. Macmillan will be amazed by him.
Good luck to "Suddes" and even matching last years figures will be great stuff.
Good luck to Eddie the looseman Constable on winning a WSOP seat for this year and sharing a beer with him in Caesars Palace card room. 50 50 50 on its way.
Good luck to my best poker buddy Gyposdog for 2008 and the rest of Teamdobbs.
Best of luck to Tubetop in his quest to wrestle the felly crown from \young \muldoon.
Last but not least good luck to S2C2 in his education and learning programme aimed at qualifying for WSOP 2010 when he ll be old enough to see and play Vegas- hes well on the way.

2008 for Teamdobbs ? -- who knows. Would like to see a repeat of the team event in Newcastle. Going to try and put game plan together and set some targets to aim for. Dont really know yet what theyll be cos I sort of play poker for different reasons to alot of others. Want to play more live stuff this year and hope the recent battle of the casinos continue for punters sake in town. Hats off to Stanleys Circus at mo, they seem to have it right at moment attracting more punters everyweek. Shows ya what can be done if card room manager listens to players and organises it well. ( Im sure "Candygirl" from Grosvenor will fight back ) but dont know wot the hell is going on at Aspers cos sounds like theve lost the plot.
Deffo be back for WSOP 2008 but might go earlier than main event 2 weeks to enjoy weather better and maybe play a couple of lower entry bracelet events for experience alone if nothing more.
Qualifying for GUKPT at Newcastle leg is a deffo aim and would deffo go back for Caribbean Classic and cruise if goes ahead if Rud will let me of course.
Icing on cake could maybe be winning a UKGATSBY award in 2008 ( 0:) )
All in all to keep enjoying playing and hopefully at end of year showing a profit is always an achievement in its own right. Good luck to all! Keep healthy 1ST its much more important than being wealthy.


Drum Poker said...

Great to know you got home OK, St Kitts isn't the same without you guys.

Well January was a very quiet month for me with Poker but I did find something else that I enjoyed.

Saint Kitts now has an attraction called Sea Trek. Run by Guy and Cindy Schlosser that own Ziggys Beach Bar it is the new underwater sensation that has hit our island here in the Caribbean.

It invovles an underwater walk with a helmet that fully covers you head and allows you to breath fresh air while underwater and see all the surrounding ocean life. A fantastic experience !

They have started a blog to give you more information and all the contact details at.....

Be sure to try it out, you will be amazed.

As for Poker, I'm off to England in February to play in the Grosvenor Poker Tour and then to Newcastle to play the Wass Live Event. I'd like to improve my second place from last year, wish me luck.