Week end got off to a bad start when after winning a small amount of betfair cash decided to watch abit of channel 4 racing while playing before going to Stanleys for £50 Deep Stack Tournie at 4 o clock.
Ruby Walsh soon put a dampner on things coming in on treble and costing me nearly £200. Oh well off to Stanleys to recoup losses I hoped and with about 50 runners and many regular faces it looked like being a decent game. The background music coming from the plasma screen in the Chinese section kept me sane as for nearly 3 hours I only saw about 3 hands I could possibly play and thats no kidding.Pretty chuffed with my discipline actually and after table move at last things started looking up. Couple of double ups at right time put me back in game when getting low and after folding JJ on BB to big raise to guys JJ ( lol ) I look at Ace 10 in BB next time round to 2 limpers. Flop is ace and 2 loose connectors which I bet and get the 2 calls. Turn brings a 9 with check to me and Im sure Im ahead with my Ace although possible staright is there or buiding so I decide fk it and push it all in to which guy on my left who is very strong player ( knocked me out of last 200 game in Grosvenor last 2 tables AK to his AJ ) calls and other guy folds. Surprised surprise to see hes on up n down straight draw and woooo my Ace holds up to take down nice tasty pot. Table break up and despite throwing away more than I wanted on attempted steals was confident of getting there with what I had. Last 14 and made attempt to steal BB from sb with J9 suited but call came. Flop of AA7 saw me make bet to call and turn of 2 was check check. River brings another Ace to which my 12k bet was faced with immediate all in. Ooops the non believer and I fold to which guy shows 24 spades. Nh eh but cudnt understand his all in move because I could only call with better hand which would of knocked him out.
Any way tighten up after that and not long later its final table. Seat 6 sees me in between 2 monsta stacks but thats life. Looking at money on offer I decide early on to push as much as I can for that top 3 place. I double up when my 10 10 holds against AK but soon after my AQ call to 12k bet and 3 handed sees flop containing Ace and the initial raiser and smallest stack goes all in which I call. AK to my AQ and oucha. Couple of rounds later and 9 left I see 77 in 3rd position and decide lets go but ouch its QQ on my left and its bye bye baby bye bye for £80. All in all Im happy although that soon changes when I get puncture on way home.
Sunday I play final satellite for $80k gtd on Pacific and get through for evening final to which I play really solid going along nice until my decent raise on button with 10 10 gets call by AK on BB and big stack.3 rag flop and I push to which he calls and hits his K on the turn. Wasnt too bothered cos TOON TOON had came good for me in afternoon when my tip of the week 0-0 came in. Had draw h/t for 20 at 2.2 30 on draw h/t draw f/t at 5.8 30 on less than 2.5 goals at 1.9 and 10 on 0-0 at 12.5 for very nice profit and bollocks to Ruby Walsh and the cost of that new tyre!