Stumpys NPF Champs

Alreet Stumpy here, Friday 29th October Aspers £20 f/o

A 116 runners the standard is awful but if you can gets some chips early you have a good chance to ft.Got a lovely table and chip upto 6.5k in the 1st level from the 4k ss until I get aa utg I raise to 200 blinds 50/100 get a caller then ss ships allin for 1700 I flat and next guy flats leaving himself 1400 behind flop is 234 2 clubs I go allin and he tank calls with 9c8c mm WP and gets there on the turn other allin has kk.Not many chips left so gamble to get a stack and flop top pair but Im out kicked and move over to the dealers choice table £1-£2 1st hand I get it allin £100 with flopped set v hamids fd and gutshot I turn the fh but hamid hits bigger fh when he pairs his Qs sik reload. I build this upto £450 until I flop trip 6s and theres 4 allins im up against fd and straight draws again i hit my fh on the turn and Im counting the £800 pot until Ace on the river whick gives Adam bigger FH I take the sidepot to be about even in the hand.Abit up and down from then until
Teamdobb comes across having chopped the tourney 4 ways for £400 weeeeeee.1 of the last hands I play a guy who seemed a bit of a newbie at dealers choice 3 barrelled a 3 heart board when I flopped 2nd nut flush I called all the way and he shows flopped straight phew.So we head off home £355 up

mtt -£22

cash +£355

NPF Champs 6th of Nov

Arrive at Circus and the place is buzzing a few coronas and take my seat at the 1st table and somehow end up with 4 bottles. Dreamdobbs there and he takes 1 of my hands then we end up having a good drink until im moved.Main hands that I can remember on 1st table

55 raised 3 callers flop Q75 Dream bets out 1.5k I make it 2 more he calls turn 8 he bets out again 1.5k I move allin and proceed to talk him out of calling with his 75.

AA bb playa raises ep I 3 bet him he ships allin for about 8k I call he has ak no help for him and hes gone.Moved to next table and key hands were,77 bb buzz raises,Quietman flats I flat flop K75 Buzz chs Qman bets 2k I call Buzz folds turn puts 3rd club on board I ch Qman chs rvr 5 I bet 5k Qman calls and I take nice pot.Then I get few chips from Mark Trett 3 bet his raise with QQ he folds AJ then I call 2 of his late position raises with connecters and win both pots then I move to next table with 36k when av was about 14k.I lose a few chips until I get AQ and raise El Geordio flats in the bb flop is Qh6h7s i cbet 2.2k and he ships allin for 30k wow. I make the call and he tables 8s9s the turn is the 2s and the river a very nice Q and I move upto 53kish and this is where I end the night when we get down to 19 players.

Day 2

Doubled my stack without a showdown until I get AA v Kenlocks Ah 10h and Ken hits flush,then El Geordio shoves 107 into my A9 on the bb flop a 10j 10 10 this knocks me down to 70k then I raise and lose another hand and I move to the ft with 60k when it could easily of been 130k.

final table

Take the blinds 4 times with AK,A5,94,1010,and Im upto 80k when Cameltoe raises utg I ship allin with AK and Im snapped by Kq4eva with KK no help for me and Im out in 7th for £250.Im gutted but theres nothing more I could of done just wasnt my day.A few will be saying the same Cameltoe who made another NPF ft wp,goldfoxdom who lost with AA.Andy Blair whos AA lost to Rob Charltons QQ 3 handed vul especially after playing some great poker on the ft,Well done to Rob who went on to beat John Devlin who played great poker for 2 days hup wp all who made the ft.

Mrs Stumpy went on to split the £20 £20 with Dan Trett for £585 each, Dan had a big cl but made a even split, N1 Dan it wont be forgotten.

Another great result for Kaz after splitting the £50 game shes deffo on a great run keep it up.

keep on smiling stumpy


mulhuzz said...


your missus had a more profitable weekend than you?

(allowing for corona expenses, obv!) ;)

stumpy said...

not about the money tho mulhuzz but yes you are right lol

Daniel Trett said...

Good read as usual Peter, without the final table cooler I think you could have easily but yourself in contention for the win. Your more than welcome on the 50/50 split, always happy to split evenly with friends whatever the ICM. Truth is I just didn't want to get owned heads up ;p)

James Atkin said...


I was hoping you might be willing to swap blog links with me. I've already added you to mine @


TEAMDOBB said...

James Atkins blog added

just need to run better at Ali/Joe Peel end of tournie, good effort m8