He came He saw he Conquered

NPF Championship weekend and what a weekend we had.
Brilliant event and played in a fantastic atmosphere which ran like clockwork as well.

From the teams point of view, well what can I say. Each n every member that took part did the team proud.

Jimmy Chipmunk, Vegas Dave & Karen33000 didnt play but of the rest;

Gyposdog good respectable deep position
Mr Entertainment deep as well and chips in good only to get outdrawn
Mag1892 went out just short of final table when his AA gets busted

Of the remaining 4 then you could find us all on the final table!!!

Phlmc finished 10th
The CardGuard Kid 6th
Myself 4th
Xenocode 1st

Superb final table to be honest and played in a fantastic atmosphere. Always in contention and hand that could of changed it all for me was when guy pushed mid position into my BB with 5 left and I make the correct call with 55. He flips 33 and Im ahead all the way to river for a pot that puts me bang in top contention when the board pairs up on river to give a split pot.

With blinds so high its not many cardless laps to leave you starting to struggle and I eventually push form the button holding K8 to BB sitting with AK.
Flop gives me chance, turn gives me more but no river saviour for me and Im out in 4th.

Great result in end when fellow team member Gary "Xenocode" Brewer takes it down and is crowned 1st NPF Champion and couldnt of went to nicer lad and a really well respected and deserving Champion.


mag1892 said...

what a great event you and scott organised dave.

congrats to gary for another excellent performance.

well done to all team dobbers who pretty much owned the final table by the sounds of it.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Well done all i new it was going to be a good un but i cant believe i just watched the whole of watership down! i was expecting something to happen related to the game so feel a bit of a tit now :)

Well done Gary

gyposdog said...

what a cracking day well done dc n s2 prizes were very good and i got brewer in the sweep weeeeeeeeeeeee knew he wouldnt let me down ooo and a nice bottle of port in the raffle woulda got sex in the city if it werent for the burning desire of s2 to get there first

Vegas Dave said...

Well done on getting this up and running, sounded like a fun day. Congrats to Gary for what sounded like, a great performance.


well done all and a teamdobb champion bring on the team game