Well people what can i say, 5 weeks of no beer no pop no crisps no chocolate no chips no takeaways no fried food just salads pasta fruit and yogarts what a miserable fucking existance....

And heres the best of it ....
The three people who suckered me into this FUN RUN ? have all bottled through supposed injuries.
the doctor told one of them to put some heat on his knee (so he duly did and flys out to barbados tomorrow).
leaving yours truly to line up on sunday on his own and give it a go alone.

But have to say im ready as il ever be and have managed to shed a little weight and hope to finish in under 3 hours,
all said and done its an amazing day with at least another fifty thousand sad bastards like me standing on the central motorway waiting for jimmy saville or some other c list celebrity to say on your marks get set bang which translated means ( fuck off to south shields and enjoy piercing your blisters when you get home this afternoon ).
seriously though need to say a big THANKYOU to Mrs Entertainment kept me on the straight and narrow and came to the baths every night for the last 5 weeks supporting me and putting up with the moods on a friday cause i cant have a fish supper,
this time sunday it`l be all over and if i survive ie ALIVE at the end i`l post a blog and some pics


Amatay said...

gl with the run fishay

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Is there any truth in the rumour that the Afghan take away had to close through loss of revenue?

TEAMDOBB said...

good luck mate come home safe please