Unlucky 13th

Circus £100k guaranteed Birmingham
Set off early and easy trouble free run into Birmingham had us twiddling our thumbs abit arriving before 11.am as we cudnt book into hotel across the road from Casino until 3.00pm and the Casino didnt open till 12.
Massive casino and soon filled up and a 200 runner sell out it was with alternates waiting with eventual total runners of 217.

Not ganna go into in depth details but from the competitons point of view it was excellently ran. If I had to criticize anything at all it had maybe too many long breaks than necessary. Hopitality was excellent and service superb from the staff. The organisors also realised the structure needed tinkering with and did so accordingly to make it a better played game instead of it turning into a crapshoot at the later stages.

Key Hands

Was involved in alot of early hands and had added nicely to stack after guy tried to bluff me off hand and sb make up with 96h gave me 99J flop which got paid.
Key hand end of level 1 was KK in button and 4 limpers make it 300 to play and BB is only player that stays around. Flop brings JsQc4c and BB leads out for 1k which I make 3k for him to ask me for anutha 6k. Tells me not alot I can be beating and I show my binned KK. When guy got busted late on Saturday night he told me he had 44 for bottom set.
I get a nice double just before main break when my 10 10 takes out a low stack push with AK. Key hand late on in final session was my long dwell before calling a 4XBB bet when Im sitting with JJ. Flop of KQ5 and raiser checks so I bet 10k and he says "yip had you on AK or KK". That came to benefit the following day with same player.
End of day 1 and Im on 63k with an average of 40k mark. 2nd level of day 2 and I face a 4 bet raise from guy Ive just mentioned and I decide to push with JJ and certain he will fold to the shove. He chip counts and we have virtually same stack and announces call saying "I cant keep letting you push me off hands" Flips AQ and my hand holds up to put me bang in the competition now.
Down to 3 tables now and moved onto table next to Laker and eventually Laker getting low pushes his stack and with QQ its an insta call. Laker shows 79 and we joke before they deal the flop as he has this habit of sucking out on me time after time. Unreal when the dealer peels of 6 7 10 to give him the straight on the flop. 2 hands later Im moved again and then 2 laps later Im back to previous table with John Kalma to me left and Zahir Aslam opposite me. A very aggresive table and by far the more difficult between the remaining 2 left but Im sitting comfy to be honest and no way overawed by anyone there. Eventually the bubble nears and its so obvious the players who are panicking and being attacked and the low stack of everyone doubles up with AA then doubles through again making Mad Turk low stack now. He then shoves again and is obviously holding a monsta but gets a call from guy holding 10 10. He flips KK and must be thinking happy days as this virtually takes out the 10 10 guy but the poker gods decide against it turning the 10 and the bubble is burst.
As normally happens we quickly lose a few more and Ive added nicely to my stack taking guy out.
13 left and feeling very comfy when I look at JJ on button and make it 16k to play on 2k/4k 500 ante and Jon Kalma to my left who is chip leader and 3/1 over me obviously thinks Im at it and puts down a stack of black 5k chips which is putting me all in. I dont take long to call as Im putting him mid pair tbh and Im very confident Im ahead. He flips As10s and Im certain my hands ganna hold up mainly due to some of the crack I had with him about certain things. Flop is good 2 2 8 but wallop the turns brings the Ace of clubs and Im gone. That hand takes me 3rd or 4th in chips and Im virtually sure to get final table grrrrrrrr.
Great tournie and really enjoyed it, so close yet so far away picking up £2k for me troubles.

£500 added Tuesday night at Circus which is best game in Newcastle at mo then its off on our jollies to Miami and join up for the CPC Cruise from 16th - 23rd.


gyposdog said...

nice 1 dc 70/30 the bastard ul wp next time

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

WP Dave but in future avoid players who have been 5th in WSOP main event as you have to be bloody good at races to achieve a result like that e.g Chino Rheem,Jery yang,jamie Gold,stepehen laker,rob taylor,linford christie,forrest gump,Usain Bolt

mag1892 said...

good result dave , your gonna win a big one soon.