Back ta work!!!!

Tuesday slept in, Wednesday slept in, isnt it nice to be back at work after being on holiday!! Credit crunch, shitty weather, everyone doon in the dumps it seems and daft twat Chancellor solves the countrys problems by reducing VAT (lol) then putting it back on with petrol, beer n cigs. What a thick twat or are we the mugs?? I may even have to start earning less or will fall into his new tax brackets!!!

Anyway back to normal and Tuesday night is Circus night for me. 40 odd runners and quick look at league table see Im up to 2nd place. Early levels here always see some crazy plays and tonights no different.
Winner gets automatic place into final table shoot out end of December.Cant make it as Im away with works trip that weekend anyway but would like the satisfaction of winning it as I reckon the Tuesday night one is probably the hardest league to win.

Game yo yoed up and down for me building nice stack then losing it to straight chaser that hit when Im holding KKK but build it back up again till eventually getting to final table facing a couple of monsta stacks. I end up busting out in 4th which does take me top of the league but I do reckon I played some of my best poker for ages in this game.
Lost a big pot when 5 left which did main damage when my raise with KJ met with a shove which I was convinced was an attempt to steal my raise. Made correct call for him to flip 7s8s but he turns the 7. Way it goes but annoyed with same guy the previous hand when this happened and would appreciate any comments.

We have 5 players left on blinds of 3k/6k and Im in BB. Low stack guy utg pushes all in for 9k and Im obv making the 3k call holding 10h 2h and sb also wudda made the call but 2nd position guy makes it 18k to play so we fold. All in guy flips 94 off and raiser flips over Ace 5 or Ace 6. The 94 all in guy hits his 9 and its made worse with 10 2 on board. From this the 94 guy double doubled and when I was knocked out pushing 88 into KK he was probably joint chip leader.
My question is was the Ace rag raiser correct in how he played the Hand??? Comments appreciated thanks.


Poker play the Soap way said...

OK play from ace guy.

Raise or fold to isolate and his odds factor in the added value of the blinds

Osama Bin Neewhere said...

depends on the individual but i would rather flat to make sure we get down to 4,never give a sucker an even break