about time

Been a strange 2 weeks , went to the grosvenor last 2 week on a Wednesday , fields about 50-60 ish and hit 2 final tables , played some decent poker till we get to 4 players left , and then the poker guards shit on me as usual and kick me out both times in 4th place but as people say shit happens.

so off i toddle last night to play the £50 game at stanley's , which has come far the best tourney in Newcastle , first hand im bb with j5d , 4 limper's so i check em ( would have folded lol ) and the flop puts 3 diamonds on the board , guy in midd position raises i re-raise and win the pot , now normally when i win the first pot it has good omens for me so i thought maybe just maybe this time baby , anyways bit up and down till the break , get back after the break hits a couple of big aces and steal the blinds and limper's tax , its now 400/800 im utg and look down at kk hmmm do i want a call , yes sure i do so i make it 3600 to go , gary wilson jnr goes allin for about 9k , which i was happy about he turns over 99 , yes u guesses it a 9 on the turn ( argh ) , so im down to 4.9 k , i thought as soon as theres 4 people in pot il call to maximise the pot , it happens there's 2 limper's i look down 46 s , i thought may as well go all in hopefully ive got live cards with 15k in middle with antes , anyways dom calls me with aq flop is 456 rag rag weeeeeeee , get nothing for 2 circuits and its now 1500/3000 600 antes , no callers im on button so i thought il steal here with j9off , shit dan whos on bb calls very quick ( gulp ) he shows 99 shit sry dan i was on a steal , any ways flop is 10 7 4 t k river 8 sry dan and i double upto about 28 k , i gets ak and raise 7k everyone folds , so now sitting with about 60k , player in bb goes allin for about 12k i look down 10 10 i call , he sows q9off flop 10 j 5 t 7 r 8 ow but i couldn't complain he was short stacked and i had 2 massive suckouts earlier .

down to 2 tables with some huge stacks , play super tight on a very aggressive table, gets 2 hands in about 1 hr , back upto about 60k , i look down at 55 3rd to act blinds are 3000/6000 antes 800 , so i raise to 23k Chinese girl on cutoff raises allin which she did quite a few times , hmmm what do i do im praying shes on a big ace so i call after a long time thinking , she has akh , 55 holds up and i double upto about 130k .

then 2 really bad beats phlmc goes allin utg for about 60k gets called phil ah k- caller aq flop qh 9h 5h t rag r rag phil out ( bad call by player who kept saying its a donk fest yes it is with the likes of you) , then comes the sickest beat , dan ( spilla ) goes allin for about 50k gets called by Chinese girl with the sry got to call remark , dan has 99 she has 10 4 off (wtf) flop 447 no further help , i looked at dan it looked like the world was gonna swallow him up , got to admit i felt for the guy , what a bad player she was , quite a few times she was allin with kq,44 , 44 etc some bad calls imo she didn't need to get involved with the stack she had , its now the bubble we agree to give £100 to whoever goes out , then we hear on other table its AA VS KK guy hits a k on the board ( sick ) , so its final table.

im sitting next to gary wilson ( no1 likes a student ) having some cany criac which keeps us out of trouble , 2 down with bad calls , i look down at 66 blinds are 6/12k antes 1k , im in cut off so i just limp and hope it looks like a monster gary folds sb calls bb checks , flop 57A checked all the way round turn 3 i check sb checks bb raises to 25k , now im thinking if i push he wont call unless he has 2 pair hes got to put me on a big A with the limp ( thats what im hoping ) so i go allin for about 100k , he fold showing A , he asks me what i had i tell him , he wasn't upset he said he couldn't call ( phew ) , few hands more and another one out and its down to 7 , utg raises to 25k folded round to me i look down at aq hmm now i know this guy was on a downturn so i thought just call and get out if needs be , guy in sb re-raises allin to 44.5k original raiser folds (?) i call he turns over 10 2 , i hit an A on flop and its down to 6 im now chip leader with about 250k , 2 hands later im utg and look down at AA i do what i normally do when blinds are huge and limp with them knowing that i will get raised , yes guys goes allin for 50ish k , i call and its down to 5 ,
sean mcguigan suggests a chop thers 5k in pot 1k each and its 4.45am , im chip leader and i agree with chop gary is low stacked to he agrees lol and then everyone else agrees , so we get 1k each and chip count reveals im big chip leader so i get the points.

some awful bad beats on the 2 tables i was sitting on , but final table calmed down and some great poker was played , very ul ( spilla and phlmc ) , and a great night ended with a very welcome 1k to help for pressies lol.


TEAMDOBB said...

very nice result Col

mag1892 said...

thx dave

gyposdog said...

nice 1 col

Poisson said...

very well done Colin

mag1892 said...

cheers guys