Over for another year!!!

Well thats the CPC over for another year as Im sat here in Miami Airport waiting for our flight back. Flight delayed so may as well get report started up now to kill some time.

Great trip again and as last year met some great new people and made more "poker" buddies. Mr & Mrs Soapy Suddes, Mr & Mrs Stumpy Newton, Mr & Mrs "Chop" , Azimut, Animal, Amatay to mention a few made it a great trip

The ship was awesome and the organisation and quality of everything concerned with the cruise was top drawer stuff. Pity the weather wasnt the best on return to Miami from Caribbean but suppose cant have it all.

Poker turnout was around numbers I expected and be interesting to see what happens next year with whats happening at Crypto. Hope this trip doesnt dissolve into nothing as its a great time of year to get away and chill and get some sun on ya back.

Brief Poker breakdown;

$250 Main Event Super Sat 1: Get into position to qualify with 16 seats up for grabs and sitting mid position with 20 left. Get involved in stupid hand when holding 33 raise into Michael Grecos BB for him to call. He checks flop of Q rag board and I total donk push for insta call with him holding KK. DONK DONK DONK move that I found hard to get out of my head.

$300 Event: Adding nice to stack but bust out 30 odd left when going card dead later stages and dropping too low pushing 99 and called by AK which hits

$400 Event; Decent start again but get crippled in level 3 when limp in with Js9s for sb to raise x 3 BB calls and I make up 3 way pot. Flop comes KQ10 which sb bets,BB calls, I raise, sb shoves, BB shoves and I make up 3 way meaty pot.
sb 10 10, BB KQ
Turn Q River K.

$250 Main Event Super Sat 2: Play low stack well till eventually couple of nice hands get paid off to put me comfy and have no intention of making same mistake as in sat 1 and take seat worth $2700 for main event.

$2500 Main Event:
Had really tuff end of table but got off to good start picking up 1/2 decent pot when playing 66 and flop 10 6 10 to pick up decent pot.

Killer hand near end of 2nd level playing 50/100 on my BB with 66.
Super rock tight Polish lady opens utg with 350 called by Hickson from NPF and I make up 3 way pot with 66 in my BB. Flop comes Qh6s3s
I check lady bets 1k Hickson makes it 2k I flat call and Polish Lady makes it 6k. Hickson moves all in and I tank. I had Polish woman on AA KK and Hickson on same top hands but because he had shoved I put him AQ with his hand range from playing him few times before.
Talking about a 30k pot here and I knew I was calling to give me the opportunity to have big stack early doors in a major competition. I make the call and Polish Lady folds KK for Hickson to show AsQs
Killer turn when 7s hits and no paired board cripples me to 350 chips.
Got back to 1400 and then 5 limp pot to my BB I push with AQ for 3 callers and guy makes house with 22.

Made small profit from sit n goes but still to make a final table at this event.

Special mention to Mark "Soaps" Suddes who flew the flag for the NPF and the North East by cashing in the $400 in 7th spot and made 6th place in the Main Event for a nice earner of $11k which even puts a smile on Brenos face with his 5% share. Trawled through all my pics taken of him and even the one when hes getting paid and cant find one with a smile. Ill post some pics up of trip as soon as sort them out.
Amatay also cashed in $400 going out on final tale 9th when pushing his low stack in with KK to get call by 10 10. River 10 cruel blow as wudda been back in running with the pot.

Final well done to British Airways who were brilliant imo after being used to Easyjet crap and Terminal 5 at Heathrow is awesome place.

1st day back and its dark, pissing down with rain and fkn freezing!!!! Welcome home as they say.


Amatay said...

Good to meet you and family mate. Had a wicked time. Prob bump into each other again in future as ive got the taste for live poker now. wicked trip

mag1892 said...

sounds like a good time had by all , welcome back dave.