Best game in Town by far

Although not feeling up to a long night and feeling very tired due to some late nights its the best game in town on Tuesday 1st of the month at Circus with the £500 added £50 Freezeout and this established game now drags in over 120 runners so wheres this credit crunch stuff like?

Fellow dobba Jimmy Chipmunk on my table and very happy with table and my position on certain players.
Picked up some very nice early hands and get paid on most of them and alot by betting people off the pot or pre flop when holding good cards. 3 times I hit set and another time my A10 makes 2 pair at turn to beat an annoyed guy holding AJ who flat called all the way on flopped Ace board.
One guy seemed to be getting very agitated at my constant raising and eventually on his BB he calls my 4xBB raise with KJ. Was probably only time it wasnt a legitimate hand as Im holding J9 and flop comes down KJ9. He bets 1k and Ive got him AK all day and shove into him for his insta call for 10k pot. I make my house but so does he.

I then flop 2 pair with 8 10 on my bb but sb had J10 on the 8 10 J flop so more damage. Get abit back when guy makes it 1k from 1st position on 150/300 and Ive got AhKh on the button. Wasnt slowing down in way I had decided to play and push for around 8k only for BB and the agitated KJ to wake up with JJ and makes the call.

Flop is JK? with turn giving me heart flush draw but no saviour with 4d river and its an early bath for me. Might sound daft but I enjoyed the game in the short time I was there although proves again not to play when ya heads not up for it or ya not up for the game enough.

Thats it I reckon live before flying away on me jollies next Wednesday to Miami for 4days before the CPC sets sail on the 16th. Really looking forward to it and great time of year to get abit of sun on ya back and away from the miserable weather of the UK. Hope my son enjoys it as well as its his 1st major poker trip away.

Mr Entertainment & Card Guard off to Vegas as well so hope they have some luck and a great time. Should do fkn Mr E has done nowt but post about it everyday at the NPF. Have a great time lads ( and the Dawny wifeys )

Another Gatsby award for the Newcastle Poker Forum for website of the month ( its 3rd ) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Cheers Paul - when do we get the trophys?

Hooray hooray as at last the toon are playing with some passion and some shape and putting some performances together.

Finally megga well done to Soaps for his back to backs in the $55k and the $100k success on Poker Stars for a cool $22k win. His suitcase should be bulging on the cruise. Might even buy me a drink this year!!!

October Figures:

Online ( hardly played tbh) = £160 profit

Live = £2047 profit

Not quite in Soaps league but a profit is a profit


Mr Better (acesnext) said...

love the reads boss,blog now saved to my favorite's !

Wish my dad was mint at poker, i wanna go on my first major poker trip !

RealAle said...

I'm not from the North East but shouldn't that read 'Best game in Toon'?