Well after two sell out concerts at the Rivington Barn Hotel down in Bolton it turned out to be a decent weekend.
Myself and the Band do this gig every Halloween and have done for the last 13 years, I personaly love it as i get to go to bolton grov and manchester g for some cash action,
however after a power cut during the support acts spot we were delayed going on stage so the cash game at the bolton grov didnt happen.
so saturday its off to the Trafford centre so mrs e can get her shopping fix, as always im watching the clock as i want to get to the G for a spot of dinner and a game of cards.
Now last year it was excellent, afternoon tourney and a couple of no limit tables so as you can imagine im looking forward to my poker fix.
we arrive at 5.00pm and theres a tourney in full swing but no cash, stick my name on the board with three others and its off to the restraunt for some bait,
Im thinking (hoping) that they will call my name as in any other civilised casino would do when they are seating the cash game NOT THE G .
We finnish dinner and i head over to the cardroom to find a full cash table in flow, so i ask at the desk whats the crack for a game ? only to be told you have to put your name down, REALY ? I then point out my name on the list only to be told sorry didnt see that ?????????
So have to leave at 8pm to get to the gig.
So no poker for me and no live game since last week.
Some strange goings on in the world of NPF bans and the like, seems to me some people just want attension and even post polls requesting it ?
In my opinion the forum is going from strength to strength and will have 500 members by christmas (some headache there sorting a team) but hats off to the people who gave birth to it.
Finally the £200 game at the grosvonor was a non event,there have been many posts on the forum with reasons however you dont need to be a genius to work it out, look in the papers on the tv on the radio people are losing there jobs prices are on the increase and christmas is coming the first to suffer in any recession is the leisure industry.
playing the $5 npf on stars tonight not to win £££££££££££££ just for the great crack


Steve H. said...

Was good meeting you in Teeside, catch you again soon and good luck to you buddy

gyposdog said...

nice post foggo, aye a poll fkn sad act wants to get a job imo.