Well always been a believer there is more to this online stuff than just rng, s delivering cards , but never took to much notice of this poker fable known as the cash out curse untill now.
Bad runs come and go and generally at least 1 week of a month i have a bit of a bad run, but this month was just rediculous.
Anyway last year(sept) i bought new house and cashed out some $$$ to help me buy bits and bobs for the house,this was followed by my first ever losing month online (oct), anyway between xmas and new year i have another cash out as i buy a new 3 peice suit and t.v and want to pay them off soon as credit card bill arrives.
Now this year starts fine and im $300 up by the 4th of jan , then i get email ,, your withdrawal has been deposited and sure enough its in the bank .Then what follows is 3 weeks of misery and total bollox badbeats.
Anyway i decide to check previous withdrawals against my playing records and unbelievably every time i withdraw , it is followed by a really bad run,, except for 1 time and that was proberbly coz i went on holliday and didn,t play for nearly 3 weeks.
Absolutly amazing and i am now a true believer that this is just 1 more piece of a big rigged jigsaw.
Anyway thankfully these last few days been ok and have ended the month with a small profit ,plus i recieved another couple of hundred $$ into my rake account for my trouble .
Well roll on feb, 1 thing for sure i wont be cashing anything out (boooo).


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

If you want to cash out m8 just dump the cash to a friend on a heads up table and get the money off him that way you never need to worry about the cash out curse again :)

Joppa Road said...

I have to say I used to be wary of the cash out curse but Ladbrokes this month seems to have been ok even though I have withdrawn five or six times.

Anonymous said...

LOL MUG. Cash out curse = bad withdrawal management. This is simple stuff, you are a mug, keep playing your peasant games. Begging peasant.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I love anonymous cowards then again gonna have some fun looking up I.P address,Cyber Warrior Mug