Harry Potter n Hitler

Bit of a change to normal routine when me n S2C take in the Friday night Grosvenor Freeze Out and bump into some old faces as well. Got summit happening with the G soon connected with the forum so S2 wanted to check out the structure they had in place.
40 odd runners and great table which included Mr & Mrs Cardguard, a few new faces which included a nervous Harry Potter look alike who took stick all night and then eventually joined by a drunken Sean Mcguiggan which always adds extra spice to ya table.
Sean is a total nutter and a Detective Seargant in the CID. His patter can be so funny at times and he always has a few diamond stories to offer the table. Being a useless fucker was a topic of conversation after some of the plays and hands that were on show in the early stages and so Sean chips in with this diamond.
Starts telling us about this useless copper ( lets call him Joe) he once knew who was so bad at whatever he did that they kept him in the station pushing paper about although his qualifications did cover "Hostage negotiation skills" The guy has also always bragged about his earlier days and how fluent he is in speaking German and about all his previous German experiences.
Anyways one day a hostage seige happens and the Cop in charge needs someone that speaks German to negotiate with the crazed man holding his family within their house.
He suggests Joe to sort this so they drive 100 miles to collect him and drive him back to the situation. they explain in full detail during the trip as to the situation and how delicate this is and its his chance to really impress the chiefs in how he handles it.
Arrive at site and Joe armed with loudspeaker approaches the safe area in his attempt to start his negotiations with the Hostage taker.
Nervously he brings the loudspeaker up to his lips and utters these famous words in broken german :


To see 30 cops rolling about pissing themselves in a very serious situation must of been a site to behold.

Grosvenor game was cruelty of the highest and totally card dead throughout with probably only 4 playable hands all night yet somehow get down to 11 left before eventually getting it in with A3 on my BB when low stacked put in by sb holding K10.
K hits and the agony is over. Mr & Mrs Cardguard 6th n 5th respectively and Xenocode took down 4th. As for Harry Potter well he left early but slightly later than a drunken cop called McGuiggan!!!