10 min penalties

Played at the Southend mint last night , 1 hr late as we went out for a meal , sits down with 30 mins to go before break , with blinds 75/150 , guy to my immediate left is a raising station ( super aggressive ) , anyways 3 hands in a row he gets caught with his raises , first 1 his A70 gets called by Akd , next hand his A4o gets caught by kk , next hand his A9o gets caught by jj , after having about 15k hes down to 5.9 k , this time when it comes round to him he raises to 1.2k goes round to bb and he re-raises to put him allin , guy thinks for about 2mins picks up his hand in full view of me ( sitting at end of table ) and he has k 10 off , eventually he folds and mutters under his breath im playing with idiots ( only idiot is you m8 raising with shit out of position ) .
its his deal , so he deals all the cards everyone starts looking at their cards , then bang he smacks the table very hard , to this the card room manager comes over and says , scott you need to calm down please , please leave the cardroom for 10 minutes as your actions are disrupting the cardroom , now he said this very nicely to the guy ( scott ) , scott repleys no please after about 2 mins of back and forth with the cm being very nice but getting more sterner says to him either leave the cardroom or be escorted out by security , scott eventually leaves and comes back after his 10 min ban .
now my question is did the cm do the right thing by giving the player a 10 min ban.
i personally think it was an excellent decision , and should be taking up by more cardrooms , its not fair on other players especially when it intimidates them ( which i have seen numerous times ) , dont get me wrong we all wince/cry/sob ( lol ) when we get a bad beat , but there should be a line and once u cross it the manager/staff should take appropriate action.
thought please.


gyposdog said...

we all have a rant now and again but tbh if that happened to me id tell the cardroom manager to piss off and storm oot then get in the car and think u stupid cunt gypos:)

TEAMDOBB said...

Was it Barry Smith??? 0:)

Its the New Age Poker brigade Col!!!

WTF you doing down Southend anyway and when ya coming back? Team games 21st Feb

mag1892 said...

back tomorrow m8 , just been down at my bros , cant wait to get back. these southerners havnt a clue how to play lol.

only joking cgk..