Keeps Getting in the way

Just a quick thank you to all the teams that have entered the NPF UK Forum Team/Team Poker Challenge we have organised for the weekend of 21st/22nd February. Yesterday the final 2 teams that enquired last week confirmed their places when their deposit cheques arrived with us. NPF Team Event
To say we are delighted to have the 1st 200 runner Poker event outside of major tours thats ever going to be staged in Newcastle as a sell out already is pretty much an understatement and for anyone out there that doubted it which Im sure there was - ya missing out on what will be a fantastic event and a fantastic weekend. Im sure also Grosvenor & others will hopefully sit up more and listen to us when we put ideas and propositions forward to them in the future. Must be nice for others to fill ya premises up especially in the credit crunch times we are all facing.
Still alot of organisation stuff to do and hats off to S2C for his work hes already put in with his careful planning and forward thinking needed in games like this.Amazing whats taken for granted by others who dont realise the amount of work involved in putting together games of this size.

NUFC still beggar to believe how they handle themselves and although super business from them the sale the timing of Shay Givens sale is crazy. The week before the huge derby game and under major threat of relegation they look like selling one of their major assets. Im sure anything else than a win or a huge performance this weekend against the local rivals will see huge repercussions around town and against the club in the following weeks.
My view on the situation is that Given had decided he wanted to leave the club and as such they set about getting the best fee they could. I also believe that the deal is already done and dusted now and as such they wudnt risk playing him last night and gave excuse thats hes picked up an injury. I then believe they will fill the fans and media up with crap about trying to change his mind right up to deadline date and then push the deal through at the last minute thus avoiding the pressure to spend the fee on further incoming players and the huge flack they will receive. Its also amazing for such a club that the top brass running it appear to be faceless people that hide behind their positions and keep the normal fan/guy on the street at the farest distance they possibly can. This weekend could be very very interesting indeed.

Finally I have a very wide spread in music taste and often face local stick from players when I reveal to them what I have on my ipod, especially for an old radgie like me they seem to pidgeon hole me into certain brackets. Well recently Ive taken an attraction to a young American artist called Ne Yo who I think has knocked out some great tunes and very catchy stuff. Ne-Yo (born Shaffer Chimere Smith on October 18, 1982) is a Grammy Award winning American R&B singer-songwriter currently signed to Def Jam Records. I recently came across this one from him and Ill be honest its one of those tunes I simply cant get out of mind and stop singing away to myself. try listening to it if ya got 15 mins but play it at reasonable volume and also play it 3 or 4 times in a row. That way youll maybe see what i mean more clearly. In the Way - Ne Yo


NoCash said...

Would've loved to have come along, but the other AWOP team never got sorted so a bit gutted.

I'll be up there in April for the Virgin Fessie anyway so see you then!

mag1892 said...

i for one don't take anything for granted that you and Scott do m8 , there's always lots of work done behind the scenes , and i speak for the majority of the npf , everything's appreciated.

ps hope this dosnt sound like im crawling cos im not lol.

Wildcat said...

Well done on all your hard work, hope it goes well!