Busy Busy & Vegas bound again!

Been a busy old time of late with one thing and another even though Im actually not playing much and the actual games I am playing I feel Im just going through the motions especially the local live games. Need a change I reckon and this weekend going to play the Aspers new monthly £100 Deep Stack 2 day game which hopefully will motivate me. We broke the ice with this casino at the forum and theyve even been put a notice up informing players about the game with an added prize we suggested of free meal for 2 for 1st NPF member that gets busted. Maybe shudda made that 1st 2 players and they cudda sat down with each and shared their beats over a steak and a bottle of wine. Loved Chipmunks comment on forum about this when he asks " Do you get a pudding included as well?"
I like Aspers as a place to play poker and its easily the best venue to play poker in Newcastle although does suffer from some small customer care problems it seems and hopefully their now involvement at the forum can help and it will interesting to see if the bit hype and info on there actually adds a few bums on seats and boosts the pot and I also look forward to seeing and playing against some of the old regulars that I used to lock horns with in some of the better buy in games in town.
Played last night at Circus in my normal Tuesday game but body n soul just not there and should of known better and gave it a miss. Went over mainly cos I had a favour to do for someone to pay them into the Liverpool Festival game of which a few of us are going down to play in weekend after next.
Normal card dead shit and as boredom set in and couple of moves got shafted the small stack to my left shoves last hand before break and the other small stack calls so I decide my 88 on the BB is enough to gamble call with especially what he had been shoving with and they flip A2 off and KQ off respectively and dealer puts an ace on the board 1st card that scoops it.
Double chance 2nd stack and the small bit of change I had left dont last long after break when I make up 5 way pot with Q9 clubs in button. AcKc7s flop gets small bet from utg which gets my call and another. 10c looks a winner all day for me when it hits turn and eventually all chips land in the middle but river 7 gives original utg limper the house when he flips over KK. Must give myself a reminder and kick up the arse- DONT PLAY WHEN YA HEADS NOT IN IT!!!

Online is getting less and less for me even though I only play very small buy in games and every where you read is the same basically with players bemoaning the crazy things you see online which simply beggars belief. Personally I just take this with a pinch of salt now but I must admit after playing our forum Virgin Festival 5 week league cheapy NPF Monday League that started simply for the crack and banter we generate then I must admit I simply cant remember a game Ive played anywhere that threw up so many crazy hands and horror beats hand after hand. It actually did become a total farce and joke when I would say a minimum of 12 consecutive hands went to the 20/80 30/70 dog who was normally making the CALL!!

Booked Vegas for WSOP 2009
After throughly enjoying my 1st Seniors WSOP experience last year decided that I would base my visit this year around that event. Also there was no way I was being fucked about like last year with stupid connecting flights that eventually turned a supposed 14 hour journey into 28 hours due to connection cancellations and re routes in the States. Direct only and direct only with Virgin as well so with the 2009 WSOP schedule being publicised 2009 WSOP Schedule was straight onto Virgin and Im all booked up flying Newcastle to Gatwick with FlyB and Virgin Direct into Vegas. Return is same with direct flights back. Flying out the 13th June and return on the 26th June with the Seniors 3 day Event 43 starting on the 22nd June.
Lesson to be learnt here though. Books my Virgin flights after double paging with FlyB to tie up connectors. Then books my FlyB flights. I only go and book wrong date return connection dont i as leave vegas 25th but its 26th when I arrive back in UK so had to go back onto FlyB and alter my booking. Result!!!! £119 extra for clicking wrong fkn button and not thinking straight!!
Going to sort hotel laters and if I can convince the Mrs then will hopefully try a different one to stay in as weve stayed at same place last 2 years as its her favourite.
Thatll do for now as must also get my head back into my business in these doom n gloom times as its survival of the fittest at the mo and I must admit Ive been a lazy take it for granted fooker for last few month and at the end of the day Im not used to being like that.

Wanna just add final note regarding last post made by Phil. A young guy with an old head on his shoulders and someone I totally mis judged until we kicked off the forum last April and he came onboard and took it by storm with his knowledge, wit, humour and sharpness that you simply just cant help but admire. I slowly took the time and effort to get to know the guy properly and Im so glad I did. I now include him in my small group of friends I feel I can trust in and hope whatever his problems have been are now getting sorted and look forward to seeing him back on the scene on a regular basis.


rubbish said...

Hi guys,

Love the blog and have added you on to mine, hopefully you can do the same.


All the best.

xenocode said...

good luck at weekend dave , just like to say good luck to you and scott for liverpool ,, probs wont see you before then ,,