Fuck work ( Job please)

What a cracking day i had yesterday, wakes up about 11:30 (thats a mega lie in) to the finest of full english breakfasts 2 sausages, 2 rashes of bacon, 2 waffles, tomatos, beans,1 fried egg and 3 slices of toast all done to perfection, cheers sweetie:).

Switch me phone on and its on fire the match is on in the club, meet up with a few old school buddies tony and justin what a pair these two are real 100%ers and i fkn love them do anything for them as they would for me, anyways gets in the club and theres a canny squad out great craic and the pints are flowing, the match wasnt to bad either, then me young jedi turns up canonlygetbetter few more pints then he talks me into going to a home game i talk me dad into coming along and away we go.

Gets at the guys house and gotta say im impressed at his poker set up flat screen monitor with blinds counter(fkn mint imo) better chips than any casino ive been in and a lovely home made chicken dish yummy cracking host thanks for having us.

Five quid a head 10 players shuffle up and deal, instantly realise my dad dont have clue (god bless him) but as always happens donks oot on three players and hes stacked lol, must add the standard was canny with canonlygetbetter and well known casino regular willy "the mackem" hymers lovely lad and good player. To much pushing for my liking and decide to call blind to sumone who had pushed blind (im seriously tanked at this point as been oot for 7hrs and im shite at drinking) cant remember what i had but lost and my 3k stack doon to 450 on a 100/200 blinds was really pissed off with meself but dug in and then went through them like a train (so lucky) for the win, come on! played 2 more games but had no luck in them, well more like me young prodigy took advantage of me while drunk;) and he went onto win them both wp fella.


Anonymous said...

n1 m8, twas a good nt by all, helps when ya winn like, 3 games played nd me and the dog won the lot weeee, deffo have to have more nights like this one :)

mag1892 said...

looks like a great time was had by all, u sure its just your dad that cant play. :)

TEAMDOBB said...

This Can Only Get Better deffo looking more and more like "Dobba" material Gypo!!!!

Which ones ya Dad???? 0:)

gyposdog said...

ooo aswell the new sayin isnt one time its now "PULL IT" fkn"PULL IT" originates from playing bingo in the club so seems so appropiate :) oh and davy i thought you were me dad

TEAMDOBB said...

wtf is hymers wearing under his jacket the fkn loser!!!