Positive thinking!!

I must admit over the last few weeks and if Im totally honest with myself leading into Xmas Ive been a fkn pain in the arse with a few people. Few things had been making me feel totally pissed off and for why I simply dont know. I have a great life when I look at the real me and can do what I want when i want and go where I want so feck knows why Ive been like I have been. Ive got no financial worries and have all the materialistic things most people strive for. Im putting it down to my age maybe but a few things over the last couple of days have really made me sit up and think.
Everyday the gloom of the credit crunch seems to be effecting someone ya know and even worse is when ya hear of people getting bad news on health problems. One thing that has prompted this post is reading someone elses post about his Mrs and what they have been through lately and when I think about it Ive been through a similar year. Also a very good mate of mine has been having it tough lately and struggling to find work yet everytime I speak to him he continues to remain positive about things.
I have an absolute diamond of a Mrs who Ive been married to for over 30 years with 2 fantastic kids who have given me zero hassle or problems like some get yet the last year or so shes probably been through agony with one thing then another health wise. Couple of slight scares that were given the all clear but a continuous battle with one tablet or another to ease arthritis pains, bunions and hearing problems and every night I go in shes there with a smile on her face and my tea being cooked and heres me fecking moaning about the least stupid little thing that bugs me. Ffs man get real and appreciate how lucky you really are as generally Ive been health scare free.
Sorry for my rant but thought it may infact make me feel better which it has and even may get to someone else out there whos been feeling similar to what I have. Being happy and healthy and having people around you that really care is priceless.

On a brighter note took the steps yesterday of booking for Vegas for my sons 21st birthday on September 1st. Flying Virgin direct 2nd September returning 12th September weeeeeeeee


Dave...S said...

Nice post and so true as with me driving taxi nothing pisses me off more than a punter moaning because his/her taxi is 20 minutes late on a saturday night,ffs if thats all they got to worry about then they should count there blessings,tossers

Wow that does make you feel better like

BH said...

Good post mate - inspired me to give a shout out to my lass on my blog too!

Good luck for the next few weeks mate, and if you see Candice tell her that me and Brenos are doing well - and he's not been too drunk that he forgets what he's done yet :-)

Poker play the Soap way said...

Too right you miserable feck

Want some smiling lessons ? :)

Hairy Gymnast said...

Nice post - yep, life's too short.

mag1892 said...

1 from the heart m8.

AcesNext said...

PMA Posotive Mental Attitude,

an ex ov mine use to preach this to herself in the mirrow, she was a bit ov a nutter, granted, but spose she was rightkindda :)

Andy Carlin said...

Good read :)
I put a link on my blog to yours :)

Anonymous said...

nice post td and very true, ive had a hell of a time of it last year with family illneses, but when you look at the bigger picture there are people worse off (like those that were ill)for starters. and not once did they complain.
alive, happiness, companionship, enough.
(yershanyee AKA smoggie)