Hi kids;

Having a bit of a bad time of it but thought id update.
Not played poker for a while and finding porogative hard to come by. Weathers shit and im struggling to get 100% to play live and online bores me to tears.
Hoping everyone that reads is well as i havent had the chance to see or even converse with most of you. Ihave a few issues that im sorting through atm (through choice and randomly) but this doesnt reflect on any of my mates longstanding or through the forum. Lack of contact has been my fault (inability in parts) and hoping everyone is on top form.
sorry for the lack of blogs ill write summit worthwhile asap.

hope everyones getting lucky




TEAMDOBB said...

Wow I normally add a pic if a post hasnt been given one. This one has me stumped tbh and dont know what I would put!.
Ya know where ya true friends are and if ya need any help or advice then you got their numbers as well mate

mag1892 said...

nice to see u phil , hope u get sorted real soon m8, dont forget u got my number.


hya phil hope all is sorted soon for you ive had a hell of a time over the last couple of years but its over now see you at the team game i hope ! take cars pal

xenocode said...

nice to hear from you phil , hope alls well , c u at team game hopefully

Aces COGB said...

hope ya back to top form soon Mr Mayor :)

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Ah Phil there you are get your arse back out m8,the TEAM need you and well the forum has lacked a bit of character lately,did i tell you that the Mayor on Trumpton has a driver called Philly? coincidental but true welcome back m8 :)

gyposdog said...

oi oi mate gis a buzz if you need some danceing advice as im the bestest fastest dancer in this shithole they call elgin:)