Poker Stars reward

Pokerstars have arranged a freeroll for all those that bet against Boku doing this challenge ,

$10,000 freeroll , 37 entrants ( thats including Boku ) 9 prizes ,1st gets $3K , 9th gets $350

Pretty amazing stuff from pokerstars,,

The main man,s account , showing 10K made in just over 13 days , an unbelievable achievment.

Even though the people who bet against Boku achieving this lost there bet Pokerstars have given them a great chance to end up winners as they have given them all a $10k freeroll ( only 37 players ) , some of these guys only wagered $10 and could win 3K.

Wonder what he,s gonna do with all his FPP,s ,, he,s supernova now, and fully deserved


nhggfu said...

what a balla boku is eh. there's a good vid on youtube of him playing 51 tbls. what a blur!