A Legend is Born!!!!

Local Casino in town didnt know what quite to expect when booking a Blues Brother Tribute Band and to be honest neither did the "Dobbas". Our very own Mr Entertainment who spends most of his stage time entertaining drunken footie fans before match days was actually in a real band and even alot of his own mates didnt know. Hardly anyone knew about this booking as Mr E was a tadge nervous but made the fatal mistake of telling Cardguard who told me and guess what : WE TOLD THE NORTH EAST weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Thread on the forum and down Cardguard went to snap this footage.

A NEW LEGEND IS BORN , give up the poker son you were awesome!!!!!


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Well done Mr. E your best performance since joining Teamdobbs by far :)

COGB said...

Weeeee Class act man,

Will have to have words with me mother and get u booked up to play in the bar ! :)

Steve H. said...

That fat bloke with the sunglasses looks like Mad Marty Wilson!!!


Ukgatsby said...

Quality !!!

gyposdog said...

what a classic loved it.