Saturday night and we are booked to appear at Aspers Lady O`s Bar kept this quiet as hate playing local venues especialy where you play poker. so friday night before cardguard says "see you tommorrow" I said no mate I`m at Aspers he said ok I`l play Aspsers with you so I said no mate you dont understand Im not playin poker Im playin Aspers keep it quiet,of coarse the good friend that he is he does the opposite and tells the forum then the world, as it turns out the gig went down a bomb with forum members in attendance and a full room and Aspers have rebooked the show for the end of July.
Daughter has finally passed her test and is delighted it took four attempts and I know after three failed attempts she was devastated, so daddy took her aside and told her to rebook the test but not to tell any one,I felt she was putting to much pressure on herself , expectations of family and friends ect so she took dads advice rebooked and passed,
To be honest it was a great phone call to take her delight was wonderful to hear .
Now the bad news apparently some where down the line I am supposed to have said I would buy her a car buggered if I can remember that so now looking through autotraders and car mags trying to find somthing suitable,
Finally given up on the virgin qualifiers tried on line to no avail then with Aspers offering seats all week to tournament winners thought I would give it one more shot, Thursday night £30 freezeout was the game with two seats on offer so off I trott down to Stowell Street.
25mins in pick up AK on the bb raise to 600 three callers flop comes 9 5 3 rainbow continuation bet of 600 utg repops for all his chips so have to fold.
55 mins in play my 2nd hand AK diamonds decide to limp after what happned last raise BB raises to 1200 I call everyone else folds flop comes 4 A 7 BB shoves all in 4k I insta call and he turns over A 2 ? I show my AK turn 8 river 2 .giving him 2 pair.
so blinds now 200 - 400 and i Ipick up A4 clubs on the button I limp in and the flop comes club club Ace mid position bets 600 I shove it all in 3.4 k he insta calls an shows ace queen and I dont improve and its over, just not meant to be, have to say it was nice playin in Aspers again I like the tables in there.
So in summary no virgin ticket the world and his dog now knows I`m Elwood Blues and I`ve got a car to buy,


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Unlucky with the poker mate but even more unlucky as i couldnt attend due to ill health and was trying to get in touch with you about half an hour before it started,i dont have your number or cardguards and dc doesnt have mobile and you were not online!!

Nice post tho.