Shudda stayed in!!!

1st Tuesday of the month and the £500 added at Circus and once again its a full house of 120 with alternates. Didnt feel up for this to be honest but regged the day before so made the trip over. Stuck on an outside old style circular table next to the Majon tables of the Chinese community but pleased with who was at table.
Great start when from 1st 8 hands I get dealt QQ KK 10 10 JJ 99 and result of return is ZERO and a 2500 hit to my 9k starting stack.
As normal in this game witness some crazy crazy play. Guy in seat 1 limps for seat 4 to raise to 4XBB. Seat 1 calls ( had previouly called on any kind of draw or pair) and see a flop of 10 2 3 rainbow for him to bet out 1k and raiser to make it 3k. Hes got 4500 behind and says I may as well go all in and its called. Initial raiser flips AA obv and seat 1 shows 10 7.
See it out to the break and our table gets broken up and again Im very happy with my new table and my position. Dont play a hand for over 30 mins and on my BB theres 6 limpers on 200/400 plus 25 ante so sitting with KJ I decide to shove to take it down there and then and apart from maybe one guy at the table Im confident my shove will get through. The one guy that could possibly call in seat 2 then announces " I havnt looked yet and dont think any of you lot will call so Ill call as Im wanting to go home anyways" He flips QJ and happy days but as so often of late MR Poker God up there gives him the Q on the river and it adios amigo.
Totally pissed off with Poker at the moment to be honest and not enjoying it all. I think if it wasnt for so much wanting to win the Grosvenor Friday league for a GUKPT seat then I would deffo have a few weeks break to recharge my battery and get my enthusiasm back.
Tomorrows another day I suppose, happy hunting.

edit: Booked the 1st week accomodation of my WSOP visit and keeping the Mrs happy again by booking her favourite hotel of Caesars Palace at a very nice rate of £61 per night per room. Going to book the 2nd week when we are there as fancy a change this year and maybe a week in the Bellagio or the Venetian which again have some very interetsing rates at the mo. I reckon vegas is no different to any where else at the mo by suffering with the credit crunch as you can stay at places like Circus Circus and the Sahara for as little as £12 per room per night which is amazing imo especially during WSOP time.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Unlucky last night the start set the tone and you were visibly rattled which isnt like you.
Get your young un to get some whales humping sounds on your ipod:)