I run so f*****g bad!!!!!!

Just a quick post as not really in the mood.

Just got in from Grosvenor NPF Friday league game and tbh the positivity I got from my recent Sky game 3rd has well and truely gone. Played in 3 tourneys this week and as usual Ive been fucked out of all 3 of em with hands Im at least 80% fav to win. Tues Circus get my stack up to nice 38k with no hassles and am bossing table when I get QQ utg. No callers except BB who calls my 3k raise. flop comes 2 4 8 rainbow and BB checks so I bet oot 6k. He calls and turn brings a J. BB shoves all in for 40k, to which I insta call as the way he has been playing I know im in front. He grimaces and says ' ya got me I was trying it on and flips 66 weeeeeeeee I think till river comes 6 and Im gone instead of nursing a 80k stack and a 99% final table. Then thursday play aspers and get QQ again raise it up to 700, get one caller from a Chinese guy who I have played with before and is total guff. Flop comes 2 6 9 rainbow, he checks so I bet out 1300. He thinks and calls, turn 2 he checks again so I bet 2800, again he thinks and calls(leaving himself 1400 chips) river K and he puts his last chips in so I call and he flips K 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unreal and Im left with 2k which I push in with 3 hands later with K K and get called by 10 5 who hits 2 pair.

Then onto tonight on a really good table with Sean Mcguigan, Jimmy Chipmunk, Mrs Cardguard, Teamdobbs, Mrs Entertainment, Farmer Dave and The Geek. sensible play all night and grind my stack up to 7k knowing gotta play solid poker as all table are good players. Then I get KK in 3rd postion so I mess about with my chips trying to look weak and eventually raise to 800(blinds 300 - 150). The Geek falls for it and shoves all in for 9K!!!!!. everyone else passes and I call Geek flips over JJ. Chipmunk and Mcguigs both say they passed a Jack so I think ' I know I run bad but even I cant lose this one, then shake Glens hand and say I know your gonna beat me so good hand(obviously I am 100% confident that my K's will hold but I like a bit of theatre). flop comes A K 10 and yep Q on turn and blank on river and yet again Im dumped out of a tourney with a hand im over 90% fav to win with.

Have come to conclusion that I am one of those poker players who always runs bad,and no matter what I do or how I try to play I always lose in these situations and it is showing no signs of changing, even after being like this for last 2 years I can count on one hand the ammount of times I have 'bad beated' someone in last 6 months yet I get it every tourney. Every time the cards flip Im massive fav and every time I end up losing. having a break doesn't work, playing super loose or super tight does not work and in fact playing any style does not work.

One point that grates is also fact I am forced into playing my for my whole stack earlier than I want to in tournies due to people wanting to play shove poker.Like tonight for instance, if the hands are reversed and I have the JJ, when there is a raise in front of me I am either flat calling or re raising a small ammount, Im certainly not pushing for 9k into a 800 raise with a hand that can be easily dominated. If the Geek flats then he passes the flop, if he re raises then I re shove all in and hopefully he then realises that his JJ is no good - and in both instances I dont get sucked out on. The only way I lose that hand is because he wants to gamble most of his stack with JJ early doors in a tourney - poor play imo.

Rant over and to those who were there on my table apologies for the hasty exit however put yourself in my position - lose like that in 95% of the tournies you play and see how your mind set is. IT FEELS LIKE SHIT


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Very unlucky again and i have to agree it was bloody awful shoving with JJ in that spot i dont know what he was thinking just shut your eyes and hope for the best but hey ho he ended up winning of course,lol
Back on the bike asap m8 every tourny you bust out of is 1 closer to the next time you win.

TEAMDOBB said...

100% agree mate but it dont stop it happening. Sure the Q was the river like but worst beat Ive seen ya take

Any chance of reducing our 25% in each other down to 1% please!!!!!!!!

(just kidding mate)