Toon Star sets new world record!!!

David Blaines world record for standing upright in a box for several days and not moving was smashed to pieces last week when Shola Amoebi managed 3 years of total standstill and a record that should stand for many years to come.

Quiet week for moi and not much Poker thank fuck. Been playing for playing sake on a couple of sites double or nothing for discipline reasons and doing alright with them as well.
Missed tuesday as cudnt be bothered but obviously played week 10 of the NPF League on Friday at Grosvenor. Ended up a really good game and made my 5th final table from 9 but never in a position really to do any damage eventually going out 8th.
Great hand at final table involving my mate Stumpy who predicted to go out to serial limper Derek Atkinson to outdraw him from behind and sure enough when he pushes with Ace 10 Monseur Atkinson makes the call after limping with KJ. Jack on flop and Stumpy stack is demolished. He throws in his last few thousand chips in utg blind and in anger and big stack shows his strength to dump big tower over line from position 7 but limper Derek announces "ALL IN" and big stack is now committed to call. On their backs and its As7s for Stumpy, 10 s 10c for big stack and ACE ACE but before cards are shown Derek asks Stumpy who had been giving him grief " Do you have an Ace?" to which Stumpy declares YES and derek flips over ACE ACE oucha.
2 spades hit the flop, a 3rd spade hits the turn and low & behold anutha spade hits the river giving Stump the Nutflush and the big stack had the 10 of spades taking out the AA. IF LOOKS COULD KILL!!!!!
Well done to fellow dobba Jimmy Chipmunk who played his normal rock solid game to take it down in a very good heads up battle with Rob "Larfingravy" Richardson and the win gives him very good chance of making top finishes in the league. Hes just the player to put the spanner in the works for my league win tbh. Still top but its getting tight now with final 2 weeks left.
NPF Friday League

Played a couple of online satellites for seats on Sunday but shouldnt of bothered as played like a donk and was more interested in Corras!!!


Anonymous said...

i stumpy here played v derek for years and he always limp called my raises outfloppin me my bogeyman tbh so 2 do him just this once was a bit special did not realise he lost big sidepot as well till after i shouted and screamed the cardroom doon nowt 2 do with tha coronas lol so felt a bit bad as he is a true dc 4got 2 mention im closin on him 2 after me 5th place win next week and he will be really worried


aye dc yah runnin canny live guess i need to take a leaf out of your book in patience and position althought did win last monday

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Am off to B&Q tommorow to get a big spanner :)
Also i'll drop some Horlicks off for you just in case getting to sleep proves harder than usual