What an arse!!

OK aboot time I posted on here again so here we go.

Firstly poker wise its much of a muchness, same old story getting my chips in good most of the time and losing, and in 50/50 races I think Im 1 from 68 so everything is normal in Cardguards Poker World. Played Leeds with few of the boys and ended up 43rd but apart from 2 decent hands early doors I never had 2 playable cards until I was oot so for me a run of the mill tourney except we had a great day, was a nice casino and for £40 outlay £8K prize pool says it all.

OK now on to more serious matters - this goes out to everyone but especially DC.

I created a thread on the forum which in hindsight I think was a mistake. my motives for creating this thread were purely to pass on information I had been given by 3 seperate individuals, information I did not want to keep to myself and fellow syndicate members find out at a later date that I knew about. In my defence I was trying to give everyone the chance to have an opinion but in hindsight once the game started it was obvious who I was on about even though I did not name them.

From this thread a volley of posts ensued which caused a very good friend of mine, in fact 2 very good friends of mine to take an unprecedented decision to close the forum down for a day. Through my initial actions this occurred and I take 100% responsiblity for this - yes others posted and had their says and it was these posts that drove DC to his decision- but if I had not been so eager to put the thread up, or had sat back and thought- as DC tells me all the time to do- then the action he took would not have been needed - so from me straight from the heart I apoligise to both Scotty and DC, and to all other members who missed oot due to my actions.

The whole situation has soured the GUKPT syndicate and really the game has turned into a joke which is so so sad as its one of the best ideas to have happened due to the forum. Personally the pair involved have made the tournament a misery for my wife Dawn, constantly berating her and slagging her off in the chat box, and admitting to her they have done this to get at me - and the worst thing of all is that it did get to me and I retaliated through the chat box and tbh the chat has spoilt all of the games in the syndicate for everyone else - so again I apologise to any syndicate member reading this if any of my actions have spoilt your enjoyment of the games as I should be big enough and clever enough just to avoid them and not give them what they want - a reaction.

Anyone who really knows me will know the kind of guy I really am. From me you always get a straight answer - whether its what I think ya want to hear or not - you will get it straight from me, no flannel, no bullshit just exactly what I think or feel at the time. Sometimes this does not sit well with people and sometimes I myself wish I had taken a minute before saying or doing something, but I am consistant as I always engage mouth(or fingers) then let the brain kick in 10 minutes later. I only ever give my honest views on things and at 40 years old its kinda hard to change the person you have been since growing up.

I truely love the forum and 99% of the people I have had the pleasure to meet through it and I hope you all understand I would never do anything to bring it in to disrepute or damage it.

I hope the people who read this who are my true friends understand my motives and maybe can forgive my knee jerk actions sometimes


TEAMDOBB said...

Been years since I had a knee jerker

Anonymous said...

steve got too know you a lot better through the forum yes u can be loud at times nd say things that can upset people at times, but only bcos what you say is your honest opinion and always from the heart and no bullshit, if more people were like you would be much better world.cheers stumpy

koyte said...

well put fatty but only 40 tekking the piss.
take care slag ye soon


steve if we all acted before we thought there would be no controversey in the world, ive got to know you pretty well and will be the first to say on our first meeting i thought you were a knob, but im glad to say i met the real steve in vegas, your the dogs mate you did fuck all wrong, only to highlight an indiference on a game. move on mate you and dawn are bigger n better.

Mark Trett said...

Alreet Steve, though the whole thing was a load of bs tbh.Just got a bit out of hand. Can't blame the accused for defending themselves tho, just got a bit messy. Was hard to read as i like every1 concered. Anyway, as i've said 2u b4 your a top man and gent.

Anonymous said...

we need another video to cheer evrybody up man get it sorted.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I never played any syndicate games so i dont know what was put in the chat but berating someones wife to get at somebody else is pathetic and they should hang there heads in shame.
We all have been guilty of acting before thinking but at least your big enough to realise on this occasion you may have been wrong and apologised lets hope Dawn gets an apology also.

Gaz Walker said...

Straight from the heart Steve, couldn't ask for me. Your a top bloke in my books.