Robbery at its Highest

Being self employed you get swamped and tbh sick of all the red tape and shite you have to put up with and then when ya make a few quid the beautiful Government no matter which party it is then screw you to the floor by taxing anything that moves.
It seems the Revenue & Customs take great delight in finding any slight error and nailing you to the cross yet the biggest robbers of them all tend to be right in front of their noses.

A rule for one and another rule for others!!!!!

I luv this response by a friend of mine:

Why this announcement, one day before the budget and why announce interim measures when there is a committee working on this issue full time.


1. A shit load of dodgy expenses are about to be announced in the press.

2. This will make some people who get locked up for robbery look like angels.

3. Total arse covering exercise.

4. I watch his body language, I try to assess what he's really feeling, his mouth contorts, he tries to look like he is adding humour....= " Liar, Liar your pants are on fire".

The country's going to the dogs and we are being run by a bunch of thieving twats. If normal business people tried to claim half of what these idiots have claimed then they would be facing back tax, interest charges and penalties and their card marked that they would be subject to further future scrutiny.

I just puked.


Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of thieving twats and the budget they announced today can only be summed up with LOL.

Problem is, if we want to fuck off somewhere else, where do we go? Who would have us and would we really be better off? Shitty times IMO

Amatay said...

When i grow up i wanna be an MP