Guillain Barre Syndrome

At last some good news for me and my mam , my stepdad of 28yrs whom im very close to has finally been giving his release date from hospital.

he was taking into hospital last last June the 6Th with a syndrome we haven't heard of , its called guillain barre syndrome .

basically what we got told off the neurologist at the time is that his immune system has attacked his own nervous system , basically paralysing him , he had to be put on a ventilator straight away as it also affects your respiratory functions , it was touch and go about 4 times as he got pneumonia , but being a stubborn git and with the help of the intensive care unit he won his battles with it, hes only been off it for 4 months.
got to say my mam has been wonderful she has never missed a day from not visiting him , she lives in jarrow and is also in a wheelchair , and she has traveled to the Freeman's for the first 3 months then the rvi for 3 months , then the last 6 months hes been at walkergate hospital , where hes been receiving constant physio , he can now stand up without help , but needs a wheelchair to get around , he brushed his teeth last week by himself which he started to cry as this was the first time since being admitted , its horrendous to see someone who was 15 stone of muscle reduced to 7 stone , my wrists are as fat as his biceps , but now hes starting to put his weight back on , hes up to 10 and a half now.
his date for release is the 17Th of may , so he still has about 6 weeks to get more intensive physio , hopefully when he gets out he will be able to walk even just a little , he has been told most of his functions will come back to him , but it can take upto 2-3yrs as his nerves apparently grow back a millimeter a day, so its just a waiting period.
sry its been a long post but its more of a relief post , and a huge thankyou to the staff at the Freeman's , rvi and walkergate hospital . who in my opinion are stars and whom i love greatly.

on the poker front i really haven't played much since Xmas , played 2 times in the npf league came 28Th and 6Th , Wednesdays i have played 4 times in the Stanley's leauge came 4th 1st out pretty quick and last week 9th , somehow ive got into a playoff place in the league , so all still to play for.

thanks for listing hope u wernt bored , good luck at the tables.

PS roll on the 17Th i think I'm gonna get totally pissed.weeeeeeeeeeeeee


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Good news Colin its not nice seeing someone you care about suffer

TEAMDOBB said...

wow mate ya never said nowt.

hope it all works out for the best mate

maybe NPF can do summit on the charity side for the cause?

rubbish said...

Wow. Hope he makes a full recovery. All the best.


what can i say colin yourself and your mother especialy are an inspiration what a terrible thing to witness but its at times when you are at your lowest you appreciate the highs, what I find amazing mate is the time you have shown me re mp3 and now the video of my fathers last singing appearence before his death of which you are kindly going to edit and convert to dvd.
Im sure i speak for all who know you mate good luck and our prayers are with you and your family


mag1892 said...

thanks guys , yours comments are appreciated very much.

tbh i didnt want to say anything , cos sometimes it looks like u want people to feel sry for them , if u know what i mean.

but as dave says i would love to do something on the charity side of this.

btw got another 4th place tonight. :)