Don Revie we nearly did it!!!

Friday night NPF league draws to a close and still hanging on at top of league with one week to go. Friday saw better turn out of 59 runners and the place was very busy due to Charity do on as well. Decent table and decent start so going along nicely when new player comes to table and has total edge to him as he settles in. Im in seat 1 so dealing and on his BB its all folded except the sb who limps but the BB folds. I advise him he could of seen the flop but he snaps back " I had shite, I only had 52", but you still could of had a look at the flop I say to which he snaps back " they would only get me into trouble" Ooops try to help and Mr Edge just wasnt happy. Looks straight at me chewing his gum and snorts " Anyway mate just watch cos Im ganna take all your chips off ya" Omg calm down I tell him I was only trying to help.
Red rag to a bull obvious and when I decide to raise his BB with 8h10h its a call a 2 way pot. Flop comes 7910 so he cks and I bet out to which he re raises me. I call and turn its ck ck. River brings the Jack and he moves all in. Cant see him on KQ to re raise on that board so at best hes got a set, 2 pair or same hand.Call and he flips 99 and comments "well played nice hand"
Table moved as our table is broken up and 1st hand I play at new table my raise is re raised big by a guy Ive just seen slow play KK so fold and he proudly flips over AQ. I just knew then this guy was to take me out. Sure enough as my stack was gwetting to danger levels I shove with KQ in late position to his BB and he makes call flipping over 9d5d and sure enough he hits his 9. Out in 14th so no points increase for me and although a couple of high placed lads made good finishes ( Xenocode) the real dangers to me all went out early or wernt there.
So with all points updated theres only 2 players that can catch me and basically they have to finish 1st or 2nd with me not improving my present position. Twitchy arse week on Friday O;)
Come off and Gypo drags me across Casino floor to other side saying come and have alook at this. Nice looking lass with short clinging mini dress on playing roulette and wowzza everytime shes putting chips on she seems to favour the low number section and is stretching right over and believe me what a site. Nothing left to the imagination and the reason why all the slots were full and at least 10 blokes standing at the ramp rail gazing into air!!!! Nice while it lasted till her muscle bound boyfriend obviously realised and then proceeded to spoil the fun by standing behind her giving her a cuddle- boooooooooo!!
Saturday saw about 15 of the NPF make the trip down to Leeds Gala who have started a monthly £20/£20 Freezeout with £2000 added prize money.
Nice casino and after spot of lunch its shuffle up and deal with full field so very healthy pot guaranteed for small outlay. Get off to flyer when raise to 150 3rd hand with AK for guy next to me to pop it to 600 and BB calls 3 way see flop of A 10 7 and BB leads out for 300, I flat call to see what re raiser is going to do and he makes it 1000 to play which the BB calls and I think Fk it rebuy chance and if hes AA or set then so be it so shove all in for raiser to fold but BB makes the call. On our backs and wow he flips over K7 and the turn comes J and river is blank so nice double up. Raiser tells me he had AJ which I didnt believe but so be it. Not long after the K7 guy is in 5 way pot and Im in with 97 hts. Ckd to turn where Ive made flush draw and he makes a weak bet of 100 to which I call and everyone else folds. River brings the board of A235 and he shoves all in. I call for the 3k and he flips A9 happy days. Nice start but that soon ends as go through the card dead syndrome and any move I make is faced with stiff resistance. Make the break with above avg stack and pot confirmed at £7960. My AQ is doubled up at 8 bbs by JJ call and then table broke up. 5 tables left and much stronger table this with no limped pots at all and although make a stand twice on my BB by shoving to force a raised fold I simply cant get going and when the standard raise comes in again to my BB I shove my last 6 BBs in with 77 to face A10 and 10 pops out followed by an Ace.
20 minute blind structure means you just gotta keep ya stack moving and game would be much better suited with a 30 mins clock and slightly earlier start.
Grab some food and although originally top 10 were getting paid the remaining 15 players agree for 11 to 15 to get £100 and one of our crew Stumpy make it 12th and Imi makes final table. Imi eventually falls in 3rd place when he shud of won tbh making what I though was a bad call on Q board with 88 and then shoving with A9 from sb to unfortunately find BB with AJ.
Well worth the trip and nice change of scene which all of us agreed.


CanOnlyGetBetter said...

squeeky bum time on fri 4 sure, me and the chipmunk will be there and were cuming for ya, b affraid, very affraid lol

only a win will do 4 me and im feeling confident :)

dont go engraving your name on that trophey just yet boss !