Summer Virgin Time

Friday night and a disappointing 48 runners at NPF League. Expected alot of Queens Park Rangers to be honest with Virgin Festival weekend on.
Aim was to try and post another decent score to give me 5 on the board for others to chase. Final table after grinding way there with a low stack. Crazy play on final table gets me quadruple up when guy bets dry pot with air and my Ace rag pays but then shove to a raise with KK and guys committed to call with his 22 and nice dealer drops the 2 in on the flop for him. Gone in 9th but all in all cant complain to be honest.
See alot of the regular faces at the Virgin festival and event kicks off slightly late due to traffic conjestion and conjestion was the word in the cardroom. Dont get me wrong because Aspers and their staff ran this event superb but my only gripe was the clostraphobic squeeze of 20 tables into their cardroom space which made it very difficult to move and more so at certain tables which were designed around the John Smiths sardine tins.
Had outside table and ours was one of the better ones for space and also a really good mix on mine with a few faces I knew. Had young future Dobba Can Only get Better on, Forum member Nutflush as well as the winner of the last Sky Poker game and a good pal of mine Brian "Weebrick" Clark who won the Blackpool GUKPT and who Ive got to know through AWOP and we have always got on well together. I think Brian typifies what most average Poker Players want in that he took down a biggy but the good thing about Brian is he has no airs or graces, no fake ego and deffo has his feet firmly on the ground and plays the game the way it should be.
Had Brian as my button and to be honest we got involved in lots of interesting hands and good banter and was a shame when eventually our table was broken up.
Took decent enough stack with me and soon added to it at new table but then 3 raises were met by big re raises or shoves and forced to fold and shown totally dominated hands. With pace of blinds and antes taking their toll my utg shove met with AK and K flop followed by the Ace finished my tournament with about 60 odd left from the 200starters.
Play the headhunter side event on the Sunday but apart from having a lovely Sunday bait with a mate and his Mrs I really should of stayed in bed as I simply was not at the races or in the right frame of mind. Quickly getting bored in the once again cramped surroundings I defend my BB of Jd9d to a certain AK, AQ raise and when the flop comes 10 10 9 I decide to shove and initial raiser folds but didnt realise there was another player in pot and he quickly says " Sorry mate Ive flopped it" and shows 10 9 lol.
Watched Weebrick take down 4th place at online streaming coverage and play an online final for a Gala package which sees me bust in 12th when my KJ squeeze from my BB is snap called by 55 and 5 on the flop kills me off.

Summer time is here so the bit of sunshine we are now seeing is very much welcomed and lets hope the sun shines abit more on me over the next few months.