Wow I ran so good!!!!!!

4 weeks left of the NPF League and although sitting top I reckon there were still 3 or 4 others in with a chance to catch me but they at least need a top 3 finish to stay in touch and another final table and decent finish for me could really seal it.
Poor turnout with under 50 runners and after initial 6 seater table breaks get moved to a very interesting table including Mr & Mrs Cardguard, Mrs Entertainment, Sean Mcguigan, Farmer Dave, FatPants, Jimmy Chipmunk & The Geek.
Playing ABC stuff when a hand comes up between The Geek & Mr Cardguard that sort of set the tone for later events. Cardguard puts decent early position raise in and The Geek shoves all in over the top having Cardguard well covered but for a very early meaty pot . Its called by KK and The Geek flips JJ.
The conversation turns to what a luckbox The Geek is and how bad Cardguard runs at times but surely not in this case as 2 players reveal they have passed a Jack and with matching suited pairs the flush draws are eliminated for the Jacks as well. What odds were the Geeks Jacks of winning would be even difficult to get matched on Betfair but a slight glimmer of hope arose when the flop came K 10 A followed by a 9 and then what can only be described as total shock and despair on peoples faces as BANG in came the Q to give the JJ a straight. Over the last few weeks/months Ive witnessed at close hand some horror horror beats to Cardguard but none as brutal as this one and once again proving how so brutal this game can be.

Soon after this I eventually fire my stack up when raising from mid position with suited AJ to be called by Mrs Cardguard in late position. Tasty flop of AA3 and I bet out for her to push in over the top for all her stack which was similar to mine and I make the call for her to show A 10 and I hold.

Get table break and moved to very interesting table alongside “Millions” winner Avkid and a few very strong forum players in NeilB and No 1 Likes a Student. Always seem to do well against Avkid but when I overbet another AJd and he shoves I know Im in trouble but committed to the pot and his QQ holds and leaves me desperate for chips with my BB coming within the next few hands. Get 66 on my BB with 1200 behind and when Avkid raises from early position I shove my last few in.
Totally totally dominated when he flips 88 and as NeilB peels the flop his top card reveal is the 8d and chop chop is probably my only chance when he boards 8dKd4d. Avkid shouts put the 5d next to make it interesting and sure enough Neil drops the 5d in on the turn. Omg survival possibility here with split pot to flush but even better when he rivers the 7h for a straight to the 8 for me. UNREAL I run so good.
Looseman joins the table and a few laps later still low I shove Ad7d in late position for insta call by Looseman flipping KK. Never in doubt this one and bang in came my Ace and house made by the time the river arrived. Easy game man!!!!!

Bit of stack to play now and instead of sitting on it decide to take a few pots on between the blinds and take down a few nice pots with total shite getting Fatpants to fold twice when hes miles in front. Get involved in big hand with NeilB that he eventually gets the better of me on the turn and I decide not to risk my top pair after being reraised on a KQ and possible flush board. I then hit the luckbox switch again when deciding to move in from cut off with Ac9c for snap call again by Looseman holding his fav KK again. Cant do it again surely and flop gives me no hope and turn even less then bang a big Ace from heaven drops on the flop and I must admit I wooped abit too loud to the despair of poor Looseman. Loose then goes out just before final table and one of my closest rivals and one of the few players to still possibly pip me Can Only Get Better goes down in bubble time.

Get great final table position and happily stacked and final table was very much ABC as a few low stacks doubled up and then some departed. Play KQ in early position to low stacks BB with another caller the low stack ships in and we see 3 way flop of Qh rag rag (2 hearts) and holding the Kh I ship in for other player to fold. Low stack flips 8dAh and turn brings the nutflush for her.
Down to 6 left and lose a 60/40 race eventually shoving low stack in from sb v BB with Q8 to face AK. Hit the 8 but he turns the K and gone in 6th but some very important points that should make me very difficult to catch in the league and that nice £1000 main Event GUKPT seat. Wish I ran so good as this more often!!!!

I ran so good weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: Sean Mcguigan telling us his Mrs had lost her handbag. Says" Wish my cock was as thick as her" !!!!!


Steve H. said...

fuck me, thats a quick change of moods in 2 days.

Have a good weekend

gyposdog said...

has looseman got his sense off humour back? can i mention graham taylor yet

TEAMDOBB said...

I ran good, Cardguard ran shite