Make it across the line!!!

Last week of the NPF Friday night Live League and out in front with only 3 players that can possibly beat me but with a final turn out of only 55 runners then its impossible for our own Dobba & NPF Champ Xenocode to get enough points.
2 fellow dobbas stand between me and that £1000 GUKPT Main Event seat being Jimmy Chipmunk who needs to score 31 points and up and coming young dobba Can Only Get Better who needs 30 points. They basically need to finish in top 3 and me not finish above 4th or 5th spot to beat me. Decided from start to play basic ABC and pick my spots which wasnt too difficult to be honest on a very straight forward table with good position. Longer I was in still in game the harder it would be for them to stay positive.
Picked good spots made few correct calls with marginal holdings to couple of bad bluffs and picked up the odd very nice hand.Getting down to nitty gritty of last 20 players and my 2 main threats were still in. Broke to 2 tables and both are brought to my table. COGB getting very low shoves and I make call with AdQd and he flips 10 7. My diamonds make the flush but his 10 7 makes the full house for double up. I take out Xenocode making the call to his shove when holding QQ and he tables AK. 1st card out is Ace but Q follows (case Q)and now getting close to another final table.
Running good and big hand takes place soon after. Chipmunk ships all in and I make the call with AcQc but player behind me ships all in for another 8k to call. Its a straight forward call mathematically with pot size and obviously need to hit big but decide the extra chips can be used better later and dont want to be unable to still play and be forced to shove or fold so decide to fold and hope that Chipmunk falls to better hand. Jimmy shows 99 and other guy shows QQ. Blank flop and Ace on turn wudda gave me big pot but Chipmunk goes out and only 1 left that can beat me.
We make final table and tbh I get the best possible seat position I could ask for and I decide then to sit super tight and just ladder up but 1st hand changed that lol. Im sb and it folds around to button who single raises. I have AsQs and bearing in mind this guy has continually limped all night I really have no idea where I am. Fuck it and ship it all in and BB and him insta folds.
I then take any chance I get to raise COGB BB from opposite end of table and when I dont someone else seeemed to so he slowly gets very short stacked. Eventually he makes a call for his chips holding Ad10d and the shove flips 55. No help and COGB falls in 9th and this confirms my top of the league position and £1000 seat.
Get down to 4 left and suck out shoving with 10 7 to eventual J10 call and table 2 pair and then shove for win but Jc10c is called by Ace 5 and Im out in 3rd.

Great game, great league and some great fun and crack. Alot of personal satisfaction to be honest to win this league which contained alot of well respected players from the North East and obviously the forum. Role on the GUKPT which Im looking forward to immensely and feel much better equipped this year than last and hope I run as good during that.

Final NPF Friday night live League

Special thanks to S2C for his excellent running and orgainsing of the league and extra special thanks to Cardguard Kid who often gave up his playing chances to give superb coverage and atmosphere in the cardroom with microphone, video camera and updates via the forum and in most cases being there from start to finish into the early hours of the morning all for the unselfish purpose of giving the league the coverage it deserved.


Anonymous said...

nice 1 dc well played good luk in gukpt stumpy

Amatay said...

Nice one fishay

Poker play the Soap way said...

well done m8


NICE ONE DC AND ++++++111111111SSSS