GUKPT Main Day 2

Come back for day 2 in decent shape and happy with table and position. Mark Trett from the NPF is 2nd in chips and also my mate Juicey Oranges who cash bubbled last year is still there. Surinder Sunar, Carlo Citrone, Lawrence Houghton, and last years winner Ganesh Rao are seated around me.
Take down a few small pots early doors and not much too exciting to remember after that or involved as fold alot of garbage and my stack dwindled down to 25k. The low stack of the remaining runners had shoved his stack from 3k to around 17k when in 2nd pos he went to raise to 5k then seemed to change his mind and shoved all in. Guy 2 after him makes the call and I fold 66 in the sb. KK v AK and the flop comes A63 so what might have been!!
Lose the guy to my right and his seat is filled by Tony Phillips who sat down with very healthy stack and continued to use it before getting moved.
Went through 2 bad levels which saw me play very little and was conscious of not dropping below a certain level of BBs when I pick up 10 10 but a decent raise from Andreas Hoivold in early position is met by a big shove from mid so I fold and so does he. Next lap I pick up AKs in cut off and make it 3.5k to play for Hoivold to make it 9k. Ive got 17k behind so I was folding or shoving and decided to shove thinking he could only have 2 hands to call me and I really didint think he was strong. WRONG!!!!!! hes got the bullets AA and Im gone.
Bit more good experience under the belt and live to fight another day.
On the even more positive side I take in a lodger for the night as bubble boy from last year Juicey Oranges rocks along and makes last 12 as they return for Sunday with him sitting very nice and very very close to a major final table. Id been saying all day to alot of lads from the forum hed make final table and Im not changing my mind now. Infact hes so relaxed about it he could really shock a few here and what an achievement that would be for him to do that.

Cumon Pete!!!!! be nice little bonus before we head out for WSOP Seniors together


Amatay said...

pretty cold mate, ul

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gl oranges ul dc